Centre for Institutional Analysis on the Armed Forces

Master of Defence Studies (MDS) Supervised by Members of the Centre

  • LCol Brennan Cornell, “The Final Frontier: The Emergence of the Commercial Space Industry and the Loss of Space Hegemony”, MDS 2014-15 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Cdr Marc Lanouette, “Naval Cyber Warfare: Are Cyber Operators Needed On Warships To Defend Against Platform Cyber Attacks?”, MDS 2014-15 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj Andrew Legge, “Using Military and Corporate Tradecraft to Assess Cyber Threats”, MDS 2014-15 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj Gregor Lindsey, “Can the Study of Social Media Be Used to Understand the Impact of a (State or Non-State) Actor’s Narrative on Target Audiences?”, MDS 2014-15 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj J.A.H. Chorley, “Beyond Institutional Icebergs: CANSOFCOM, Reflexivity and the Drive for Competitive Advantage”, MDS 2013-14 (Eric Ouellet).
  • LCol P.E.C. Martin, “Cyber Warfare Schools of Thought: Bridging the Epistemological/Ontological Divide”, MDS 2013-14 (Paul Mitchell).
  • LCol B.J. Phillips, “Forecasting for Canadian National Security”, MDS 2013-14 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Cdr Michael Lewis, “What is the Threat to Canada: The Governing Paradigm For Managing Defence Science and Technology Strategy”, MDS 2013-14 (Craig Stone).
  • Maj David Hill, “Finding the Right Balance of Stability to Combat Capability in the Canadian Army Training System”, MDS 2013-14 (Craig Stone).
  • Maj M.D.F. Boivin, « Matérialiser le virtuel: modélisation d’un commandement cybernétique", MDS 2012-13 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj Paolo Pavese, “The Need to Move from Linear to Non-Linear Problem Solving: A Counter Proliferation Framework”, MDS 2012-13 (Paul Mitchell).
  • LCdr S.M. Stefko, “The Official Use of Social Media in the Canadian Armed Forces: Tectonic or Trivial for Communicators?”, MDS 2012-13 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj James P. Terfry, “An Institutional Analysis of the Quds Force in Lebanon”, MDS 2012-13 (Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj Liam Doyle, “Cyberwarfare – A Unique Challenge For The Canadian Forces”, MDS 2011-12 (Paul Mitchell)
  • Maj Steve MacBeth, “The iPhone as the AK-47 of the 21st Century: Influencing Outcomes Through the Indirect Approach”, MDS 2011-12 (Paul Mitchell).
  • LCol Chris McGuffin, “Soldiers of FORTRAN: Militarization of the 5th Dimension”, MDS 2011-12 (Paul Mitchell)
  • Maj Andrew McHardy, “Distribution, Disruption and Failure: Building a Culture of Innovation in the Canadian Armed Forces”, MDS 2011-12 (Paul Mitchell).
  • Maj Éric Landry. « Quelque chose de vieux, quelque chose de neuf et quelque chose d’emprunté : Le mariage de raison entre le Canada et ses chars d’assaut. » MDS 2011-12 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Maj Daryl Morrell. “An institutional analysis of General Sir Charles Gordon’s counter-insurgency campaign in the Sudan.” MDS 2011-12 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Maj R.M.M. Smith. “Selling CANSOFCOM – The Need for Improved Strategic Communication to Ensure Long-Term Institutional Viability.” MDS 2011-12 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Major Jörg Witoschek (Germany). “The institutionalization of Iran’s Regular Army (Artesh).” MDS 2011-12 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • LCol Martin Corriveau. « La garde côtière du Canada (GCC) : une ressource sous exploitée pour la sécurité maritime canadienne? » MDS 2011-12 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Major Luc Aubin. « Analyse institutionnelle du Hamas ». MDS 2011-12 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj David Holmes. “Institutional Analysis and Irregular Warfare: A Case Study of the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan (1979-1989).” MDS 2010-2011 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • LCol Stephan Labelle. “The institutionalization of Iran’s Sepah-e Pasdaran.” MDS 2010-2011 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj Julie Pelletier. « Analyse institutionnelle : la politique afghane du Canada. » MDS 2010-2011 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj Steve Boivin. « Le Hezbollah, une organisation légitime?. » MDS 2010-2011 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj Stéphane Boivin. « L’histoire d’un royaume inachevé : Le Jammu-Cachemire un conflit insoluble. » MDS 2009-2010 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Maj Devin Conley. “Policies of change and the Canadian Forces: An institutional analysis.’ MDS 2009-2010 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Maj Stéphane Dumas. « Conflit institutionnel entre les politiciens et les militaires : Impact sur la stratégie canadienne en Afghanistan. »  MDS 2009-2010 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • Maj Dean Tremblay. “Half-Pregnant: Canada’s unspoken strategy in Southern Afghanistan.”  MDS 2009-2010 (Dr Eric Ouellet).
  • LCol Dave Yarker. “The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution: An Institutional analysis.” MDS 2009-2010 (Dr Pierre Pahlavi).
  • Maj D.J. Lambert. “Campaign authority as a framework in operational design.” MDS 2007-2008 (Dr Craig Stone).
  • Maj D.A. Macaulay. “Campaign design: One Framework for a Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous Environment?” MDS 2007-2008 (Dr Craig Stone).

Master of Arts in Security and Defence Management and Policy (SDMP) Supervised by Members of the Center

  • Col Ian Lightbody, Master of Arts (SDMP), “Succeeding in Whole-of-Government: A.K.A. Pulling Against Gravity.” May 2011. (Supervisor Dr Dan Livermore, Co-Supervisor Dr Craig Stone).
  • Capt(N) Dan Sing, Master of Arts (SDMP), “Whole-of-Government Approach: An Interdepartmental Planning Process Would Be Useful.” May 2010. (Supervisor Dr Craig Stone, Co-Supervisor Dr Howard Coombs).
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