About the Canadian Forces College

Created as the Royal Canadian Air Force War Staff College in 1943, the Canadian Forces College (CFC) has undergone several stages of reorganization that reflect the evolution of the professional development of military officers.

Over the years, the curricula and the methods through which programmes are delivered have matured to the point of meeting the current needs and, in some instances, anticipating the future requirements, of the officer corps. Today, the College is undeniably the cornerstone in the development of the Canadian Forces’ senior officer cadre.

The CFC is part of the re-focused Canadian Defence Academy (CDA), which continues to exist now as an ‘education group’ composed of the Royal Military College of Canada, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, and the CFC.

As per its 2003 Charter, CDA exists to champion lifelong learning, and to promote the professional development of members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). CDA – within the Military Personnel Generation (MILPERSGEN) Formation ─ will continue to devote efforts to ensure that the CAF Profession of Arms and Professional Development System remains credible and affordable.

MILPERSGEN has a broader mandate with the mission of leading the CAF personnel generation system to uphold distinction in the Profession of Arms.

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