SOMNIA - Pleins feux sur les nouvelles militaires

Samedi, le 22 octobre 2016 - Mise à jour à 08 h 25 HAE

Nouvelles canadiennes

Commentaires canadiens

Julien Tourreille | Le Devoir
La Russie dans la campagne américaine

Commentaires Internationaux

Henry Farrell | The Washington Post
It probably wasn’t Russia who attacked the Internet on Friday. That’s what’s scary. - More

Charlie Winter | The Atlantic
How the Islamic State Is Spinning the Mosul Battle

Joshua Hammer | The New York Review of Books
The Mosul Mess

Gwen Burnyeat | London Review of Books

Nouvelles internationales

ABC News
Pentagon Identifies American Service Member Killed in Iraq - More

The Virginian-Pilot
Mel Gibson movie will highlight Virginia hero of World War II Desmond T. Doss

Los Angeles Times
Thousands of California National Guard soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses

Reuters News Agency
Cyber attacks disrupt PayPal, Twitter, other sites - More - More

Digital Industry Insider
IoT is being used for major cyberattacks on the enterprise - More

The internet is enamored with George H.W. Bush’s 1993 letter to Bill Clinton

CBC News
French police fed up with state-of-emergency working conditions

BBC News
Four dead after ‘Libyan Coast Guard’ vessel attacks migrant boat

BBC News
Burkina Faso has foiled a coup plot by forces loyal to ousted president

BBC News
Somalia's rocky road to democracy

The Associated Press
Syrian Government Blamed for Third Chemical Attack - More

The Associated Press
Iraqi forces push into town near Mosul after ISIS assault on Kirkuk

The Associated Press
Ash Carter Arrives in Iraq - More

The Associated Press
Fire at Mishraq Sulfur Plant a Hazard - More

The Washington Post
The history of Mosul, in five maps

BBC News
Sci-fi stories envisage Iraq in 100 years

The Virginian-Pilot
General suspects Iran played a role in attacks on U.S. warships

BBC News
Australian coach kidnapped in Yemen appears in hostage video

The Associated Press
Taliban brief Pakistan about talks with Kabul

The Associated Press
Thais sing special royal anthem version to honor late king

BBC News
South China Sea: US sails warship near disputed islands

The Associated Press
Philippine President Says He Won’t Severe Ties With US - More

The Washington Post

The Associated Press
Venezuela braces for turbulence after recall is stalled - More

BBC News
Colombia peace deal: Left in limbo as Farc rebels fail to show

BBC News
Mosquito-borne virus threat to Americas laid bare

The New York Times
On This Day: 22


Emma Green | The Atlantic
No Wonder Republicans Miss William F. Buckley - More - More

Alan Rusbridger | The New York Review of Books
Panama: The Hidden Trillions

Jacob Weisberg | The New York Review of Books
They’ve Got You, Wherever You Are

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