SOMNIA - Pleins feux sur les nouvelles militaires

Lundi, le 24 octobre 2016

Nouvelles canadiennes

Commentaires canadiens

Julie Smyth and Jonathon Gatehouse | Maclean’s
The heroes of October 22

Scott Taylor | The Chronicle Herald
Allied troops are tipping the scales against Daesh

Gwynne Dyer | The Lethbridge Herald
A tale of two besieged cities

Marcus Gee | The Globe and Mail
Divide, then rule: How the weird science of U.S. gerrymandering works

Dustin Parkes | National Post
How long would you wait before resorting to cannibalism? - More

Commentaires Internationaux

Nouvelles internationales

The San Diego Union-Tribune
New jet will likely change how America fights wars

CBC News
U.S. presidential election uses hodge-podge of voting technology - More

Reuters News Agency
French police chief promises change

Bloomberg News
The Cult of Putin — and Trump — Grows in Crimea

Reuters News Agency
Rescuers save 2,400 migrants in Mediterranean, recover 14 bodies

Reuters News Agency
Egyptians losing patience with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Reuters News Agency
Suicide car bomb rocks Mogadishu’s Bondeere district

Reuters News Agency
Two police killed, 19 people wounded in bomb in east Turkey

Reuters News Agency
Battle for Aleppo intensifies after ceasefire ends

Reuters News Agency
White House condemns Syrian government forces use of toxic gas

The Associated Press
Iraqi forces launch new advance against Islamic State - Map

Reuters News Agency
Iraqi Kurds say they captured town of Bashiqa near Mosul

Reuters News Agency
Saudi Arabia looks to Russia to boost non-OPEC cooperation - More

Reuters News Agency
Sana’a air raids resume after Yemen truce expires

Reuters News Agency
Opium crops spread in Afghanistan with Taliban gains

Reuters News Agency
Colombia’s Avianca airline restarts Venezuela flights after warplane incident

Reuters News Agency
Mass prison break in Haiti, 174 inmates flee after killing guard

The New York Times
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