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Saturday, 23 July 2016 - Updated at 0850 hrs EDT

Canadian News

The Canadian Press
CDS opts to keep Kurdish flag on Canadian uniforms in Iraq

CBC News
Globe and Mail newsroom evacuated after bomb threat, Toronto police say

CBC News
Phoenix payroll fiasco hits staff who worked overtime to help resettle 25,000 Syrians

CBC News
Phoenix privacy breach sees personal data of 10,000 public servants mistakenly sent to IBM

CBC News
Some Arctic federal workers not getting isolation pay thanks to Phoenix glitch

CBC News
Diving for memories: Good Samaritan recovers long-lost artifacts from Yellowknife lakes - Photo

The Globe and Mail
CGAI under fire for accepting donations from arms maker

CTV News
SCOC decision means MND can appeal WO André Gagnon’s sex-assault acquittal

The Canadian Press
Canadians didn’t link Syrian refugees with increased terror risk, poll suggests

CBC News
PBO pushes for more power to scrutinize spending

CBC News
Feeling gouged? How to save money on airline fees

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Ottawa Researchers
Today in Canadian History: July 23

Canadian Commentary

Michael Enright | CBC News
Hillary Clinton dominates Republican convention, now time for her own show

Rex Murphy | National Post
What do Rob Ford, the Brexit and Donald Trump have in common?

Conrad Black | National Post
The genius of Donald Trump

Margaret Wente | The Globe and Mail
Trump: Desperate insecurity and boundless narcissism

Kelly McParland | National Post
Trump sees a U.S. under siege. His hopes may rest on scaring voters into believing it, too

Konrad Yakabuski |The Globe and Mail
Trump flexes his strongman muscles

Doug Saunders | The Globe and Mail
America has problems, but not the ones you hear about

Gary Mason | The Globe and Mail
In America, a time of deep anxiety, yet again

Andrew Potter | National Post
The death of reality - More

Evan Dyer | CBC News
Ukraine’s corruption continues to cost the country dearly - More

International Commentary

Andrew Davies and Malcolm Davis| The National Interest
The Future of Warfare: Fighters and Bombers with No Pilots?

Jason Snead and John-Michael Seibler | The National Interest
The Force Is Not With You: New Rules Could Land Star Wars Drone Pilots in Prison

Joel Bier | The National Interest
The Real Problem with Killing the A-10 Warthog - Video

Rebecca Onion | Slate
Is 2016 the Worst Year in History?

Election 2016 | The Economist
The dividing of America

Dana Milbank | The Washington Post
Trump’s America is a dark and desperate place

Editorial Board | The Washington Post
Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy

J.P.P. | The Economist
The bizarre scene of Donald Trump’s nomination

J.A. | The Economist
The man who would be king: Donald Trump’s coronation

Daniel W. Drezner | The Washington Post
Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, too long speech

Robert W. Merry | The National Interest
Trump's Speech Signalled the End of an Era for the GOP - More

Isaac Chotiner | Slate
The Next Trump: A Better, Cooler, More Polished Demagogue Could Rise in His Wake

Judith Woods | The Telegraph
Short-fuse Britain: why is everyone so bloody angry?

Dimitri K. Simes | The National Interest
Russia and America: Destined for Conflict?

Elbridge Colby and Jim Thomas | The National Interest
Preserving U.S. alliances makes us stronger

H.J. | The Economist
Declare war on misleading metaphors

International News

The Associated Press
Miami officer was trying to shoot patient, not unarmed man, police union says - More

The Associated Press
Obama rejects Trump depiction of US in crisis

After Donald Trump’s speech, a lot of people looked up words like ‘fascism’

Americans begin their worldwide apology tour for even nominating Donald Trump

CBC News
Hillary Clinton picks Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as running mate - More - More - More

The Telegraph
Larry the cat treated by veterinarian amid turf war ‘fracas’ with rival Palmerston at No. 10 - More

The Telegraph
Remains found of French naval ship sunk during Horatio Nelson’s first significant naval battle

The Telegraph
Mechanic makes 15,000-mile round trip to carry out 10-minute repair on customer’s Bentley

The Telegraph
Pensioner pilot who died after glider crashed into field is named

The Telegraph
Pound plunges as ‘dramatic deterioration’ in UK economy stokes Brexit recession fears

Reuters News Agency
French state of emergency a threat to human rights: HRW

France 24
French state faces lawsuits over failure to thwart terrorist attacks

The Associated Press
Munich police ID lone gunman believed responsible for mass shooting

France 24
Police hunt for gunmen after deadly Munich mall shooting - More

Reuters News Agency
Number of people fleeing South Sudan violence hits one-day record, officials say

Reuters News Agency
Erdogan says Turkey’s military to be restructured - More

The Washington Post
Turkey increases pressure on U.S. to extradite cleric accused of coup links

The Associated Press
Obama denies US involvement in failed Turkey coup

The Washington Post
Turkey isn’t the country with the most attempted coups

The Telegraph
SAS outpost in Syria said bombed by Russians just hours after troops left

Reuters News Agency
Kerry, Lavrov to discuss Syria in coming days

Reuters News Agency
Kerry's Syria plan with Russia faces deep skepticism in U.S., abroad

Reuters News Agency
Syrian opposition turns to Pokémon to win support

The New York Times
On This Day: July 23

The Associated Press
Des artistes se liguent contre Donald Trump

Agence France-Presse
Tim Kaine favori pour devenir le colistier d’Hillary Clinton

La Presse
Trump : la loi, l’ordre et la peur au coeur de son discours

Nouvelles de France 24
Nouvelle évacuation d’un campement de plus d’un millier de migrants à Paris

Agence France-Presse
Fusillade dans un centre commercial de Munich - Plus

Nouvelles de France 24
Entre luttes internes et menace terroriste, le Mali reste contraint à l’état d’urgence

Agence France-Presse
15 juillet 2016 : le jour où la Turquie a changé

Nouvelles de France 24
François Hollande veut mettre des moyens d’artillerie à disposition des forces irakiennes

Agence France-Presse
Arabie saoudite : « menace imminente » contre des Américains à Jeddah

Agence France-Presse
L’Arabie saoudite ravive une fatwa contre les Pokémon

Agence France-Presse
Des tracts anti-Kim Jong-Un lâchés en Corée du Nord

Agence France-Presse
MH370 : vers la suspension des recherches de l’avion disparu

Agence France-Presse
Le Big Mac, dernière victime de la pénurie au Venezuela

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