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Monday, 20 October 2014 - Updated at 0850 hrs EDT

Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

Scott Taylor | The Chronicle Herald
Ignorance abounds about battle with ISIS

Rex Murphy | National Post
As Trudeau stumbles, Mulcair finds his moment

Robert Fulford | National Post
Ebola caught North America napping

Geoffrey York | The Globe and Mail
Ebola: How to stop the disease ‘dead in its tracks’

International News

The Associated Press
New military medical team to help with Ebola in US

The Economist
The politics of Guantánamo

The Associated Press
Deported Nazi war criminals still collecting U.S. Social Security

The Telegraph
Downing Street set to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood

BBC News
Russia denies submarine incident off Sweden

Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish PM says Kobane offers two paths: Peace or pain

The Economist
Turkey and the Kurds: War-war, not jaw-jaw

The Associated Press
U.S. C-130s conduct airdrops to Kurdish forces

The Economist
The coalition against IS is hobbled by splits and inadequate resources

The Economist
Lebanon: The state that didn’t fail — yet

The Age
Aussies go home, Iraqi militias say

Suicide bomber kills 19, wounds 28 outside Baghdad Shi’ite mosque

Agence France-Presse
Iraqi PM to visit Iran for talks on fight against ISIL

The New York Times
On This Day: October 20