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Thursday, 31 July 2014 - Updated at 2250 hrs EDT

Canadian News

The Canadian Press
HMCS Protecteur’s electrical system flagged as dangerous and unsafe

CBC News
Valcartier explosion that killed six cadets remembered

The Canadian Press
Cyberattack breached NRC system holding personal data

The Toronto Star
Ottawa warned about its vulnerability to hackers, lack of strategy

The Globe and Mail
Canada’s ‘baseless’ hacking claims a blow to relations, Beijing says

QMI Agency
CF member charged for drug offences

The Globe and Mail
CSE intelligence sweeps often intercept private data

CBC News
Summer anomaly brings chilly days to residents between sweltering coasts

Postmedia News and The Canadian Press
Harper continues to blame Hamas

CBC News
Canada taking steps to guard against spread of Ebola - More

CBC News
Arctic cruise ship runs into engine trouble off Greenland

Ottawa Researchers
On This Day: July 31

Canadian Commentary

David Mulroney | The Globe and Mail
China will keep spying. Canada must respond with skill, not rhetoric

Shimon Koffler Fogel | The Globe and Mail
Israel-Gaza must be viewed from a bigger Middle East lens

Davide Mastracci | National Post
In this war, Israel is the aggressor

Raymond J. De Souza | National Post
Russian aggression toward its neighbours? Some things never change

Robin Urback | National Post
Do you know how annoying other passengers are?

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
Omar Khadr is a ‘good kid’ – not a bogeyman

Sayeh Hassan | The Ottawa Citizen
Hamas, and Iran, are a threat to Palestinians

Jonathan McLeod | The Ottawa Citizen
The wrong Vimy Ridge tribute

International Commentary

Leader | The Economist
Winning the battle, losing the war

Marc Bennetts | The Guardian
Why nothing will dent Vladimir Putin’s soaring popularity at home

Mark Almond | The Telegraph
Not talking to Vladimir Putin signals impotence, not strength

Charles Crawford | The Telegraph
Ukraine crisis: is Nato ready for Russia? - More

Trevor Timm | The Guardian
Private apologies are not enough

Editorial | The Guardian
Wars kill people

Richard Spencer | The Telegraph
How the West rode in to save Libya, then abandoned it to its fate

Harry de Quetteville | The Telegraph
Replacing photojournalists with drones

Richard Norton-Taylor | The Guardian
In Europe 1914 every leading player had his hand on a smoking gun

Thomas V. DiBacco | The Washington Times
The real meaning of World War I

George Landrith | The Washington Times
A shield of protection when the missiles fly

Adm. James A. Lyons Jr. | The Washington Times
Acting against American interests

Bob Dole | The Washington Times
Ensuring equal access for wounded veterans

International News

The Associated Press
Soldiers get $92M in debt relief under settlement

Thomson Reuters News
CIA admits to improperly searching Senate computers

The Associated Press
State Dept: ‘No American is proud’ of CIA tactics

The Associated Press
Witnesses: No security-camera videos show Murrah Federal Building blast - More

The Associated Press
Ship unearthed at WTC site dates to 1773

The Telegraph
Russian threat: Britain has taken its ‘eye off the ball’

The Guardian
Parts of Alexander Litvinenko inquiry to be heard in secret

The Telegraph
WWI photos colourised to mark the 100th anniversary

The Economist
Commemorating the first world war in foreign fields

The Telegraph
How well do you know the history of the First World War?

The Guardian
Bug spotting: Germans hold nature walks to observe rare NSA spy

The Economist
The ex-Cavaliere is back on his horse

The Associated Press
Ukrainian parliament votes to not accept the prime minister's resignation

The Associated Press
Investigators make it to Ukraine jet crash site

The Associated Press
Putin cornered over Ukraine

Agence France-Presse
Edward Snowden marks one year in Russia as U.S. fugitive

The Economist
America and Africa: The next great disruption

The Economist
Africa’s jihadists, on their way

The Associated Press
Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi

The Associated Press
Greece to help hundreds of Chinese leave Libya

National Post
Nigerian forces find 10-year-old girl wearing a bomb

The Associated Press
West Africa Ebola outbreak tops 700 deaths

The Guardian
Emma Watson joins Twitter laughing protest - More

The Guardian
Syrian city of Homs shows signs of life

The Associated Press
Witness of Syrian atrocities testifies in Congress

The Associated Press
Israel, Hamas both committing war crimes, UN official says

The Associated Press
Palestinians mull war crime charges against Israel

The Guardian
UN spokesman cries on camera over Gaza school attack

The Associated Press
US, UN announce deal on Gaza cease-fire

The Associated Press
Israel vows to destroy Hamas tunnels, with or without a cease-fire

Los Angeles Times
Scope, scale, intricacy of Gaza tunnels vexes Israel

The Guardian
Gaza death toll passes 1,400

The Guardian
Gaza civilian death toll raises questions about Israeli military training

The New York Times News Service
Arab leaders’ ‘loathing’ of Hamas has kept them quiet on Gaza war

The Associated Press
Hezbollah commander killed in Iraq

Deseret News
1990: Iraq invades Kuwait

The Associated Press
US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,197

The Economist
Power-sharing in Afghanistan

The Globe and Mail
China singles out a voice of Uyghur resistance to be silenced

The Guardian
Zhang Tiesheng: from leftist hero to China's latest multimillionaire

The Associated Press
PLA allows foreign reporters to attend monthly news conference for first time

The Associated Press
Argentina slides into second default as talks fail

The New York Times
On This Day: July 31 - More - MoD - AP

Le Point
Les députés républicains veulent poursuivre Obama pour abus de pouvoir

Agence de Presse Thomson Reuters
Vol MH17 : les experts internationaux tentent à nouveau de rallier le site de l’écrasement

Agence France-Presse
Mort de Litvinenko : Moscou au coeur de la nouvelle enquête

Le Point
1798: Avec trois membres arrachés, le capitaine Dupetit-Thouars reste à son poste de combat

Agence France-Presse
Crash Air Algérie : l’identification des corps pourrait prendre des années

Agence France-Presse
Reprise des combats à l’aéroport de Tripoli

Agence France-Presse
Ébola : inquiétudes aux quatre coins du monde

Agence France-Presse
Erdogan compare les méthodes d’Israël à celles d’Hitler

Agence France-Presse
Syrie : les djihadistes veulent des femmes invisibles

Agence France-Presse
Syrie : les jihadistes aux prises avec les Kurdes et des tribus sunnites

Nouvelles Radio-Canada
16 000 réservistes israéliens supplémentaires dans la bande de Gaza

Agence de presse 6Médias
Le Hamas accepte une trêve de 72 heures - More

Agence France-Presse
Israël veut « finir le travail » à Gaza malgré les critiques de l’ONU

BBC News
La jeune Palestinienne Farah Baker live-tweete la guerre

Agence France-Presse
L’Argentine en défaut de paiement crie à l’injustice

Journal Sud Ouest
L’éphéméride du 31 juillet


Robert Fulford | National Post
Great books on the origins of the Great War