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Thursday, 18 December 2014 - Updated at 0705 hrs EST

Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

Don Murray | CBC News
Can Vladimir Putin survive the falling ruble?

Juliet Johnson | The Globe and Mail
The West should help Putin save the ruble

Jeffrey Simpson | The Globe and Mail
We’re still picking up Dick Cheney’s pieces

Paul Heinbecker | The Globe and Mail
Time for real leadership from Ottawa

Naheed Mustafa | The Globe and Mail
Religious orthodoxy is not the link to violence

Terry Glavin | The Ottawa Citizen
The Peshawar atrocity: a long-overdue tipping point?

Haroon Siddiqui | The Toronto Star
The Taliban’s caliphate of chaos in Pakistan

Editorial | The Toronto Star
U.S., Cuba finally put Cold War enmity behind

Neil Macdonald | CBC News
U.S. torture debate underscores shifting view on personal liberties

International Commentary

Charles Lane | The Washington Post
Going fuzzy on Cuba

Editorial Board | The Washington Post
The Castro regime gets exactly what it wants

Ted Galen Carpenter | The National Interest
The Cuba Opening: American Foreign Policy Meets Reality

Alyssa Rosenberg | The Washington Post
A totalitarian coda for 2014

Peter Harris | The National Interest
Diego Garcia: A Potential Casualty of the CIA Torture Report? - More - Map

Emily B. Landau | The National Interest
Not Enough Time to Stop an Iranian Nuclear Breakout

International News

The Washington Post
U.S., Cuba make historic move to ease Cold War stance

The Washington Post
How 18 months of secret diplomacy ended hostility

The Washington Post
Obama’s Cuba move is popular, on its surface

The Washington Post
Deal throws Obama foreign policy into sharp relief

CBC News
The Interview’s theatrical release cancelled

The Guardian
Iraqis mistreated, but UK troops did not murder insurgents

The Guardian
Christmas truce: a mythical football match revisited

The Washington Post
Putin predicts economy recover in two years - More

The Associated Press
Putin accuses West of trying to sideline Russia

Thomson Reuters News
Nigeria sentences 54 troops to death for mutiny

CBC News
Signs of new cases slow in Sierra Leone

Thomson Reuters News
Israel calls Palestinian U.N. draft a gimmick

The Associated Press
Kurdish forces launch offensive to retake Sinjar

The Washington Post
Surge in U.S. airstrikes backs Iraqi Kurds’ offensive

Thomson Reuters News
Suicide bomber kills one on outskirts of Afghan capital

The Wall Street Journal
Pakistan Asks for Afghan Help to Fight Taliban

The Washington Post
Pakistan to pursue militants outside its borders

Thomson Reuters News
Pakistan court bails man accused of masterminding Mumbai attack

Thomson Reuters News
India tests its heaviest space launch vehicle

The National Interest
China’s military is about to go global

The Washington Post
Xi Jinping could be the most popular world leader globally

The Washington Post
14 awkward photos of world leaders that explain 2014

The Associated Press
North Korea linked to Sony hack

The Associated Press
A look at North Korea's cyberwar capabilities

Thomson Reuters News
Australian police raid properties, not related to siege

The Associated Press
Cuba, U.S. to restore diplomatic relations - More - More

The Guardian
The US and Cuba are now on equal terms for the first time in history - More

The New York Times
On This Day: December 18 - More

La Presse Canadienne
La sortie nord-américaine de « The Interview » est reportée

Belga News
« La crise économique durera deux ans maximum », selon Poutine - Plus

Agence France-Presse
Nigeria : 32 morts, plusieurs dizaines d’otages dans une nouvelle attaque islamiste

The Associated Press
Ban Ki-Moon ira en Afrique de l’Ouest

Agence France-Presse
Les Palestiniens pour un accord de paix dans 12 mois et un retrait israélien fin 2017

Agence France-Presse
Ramallah réclame le retrait des colons devant l’Onu

The Associated Press
Le Pakistan enterre ses morts après l’attentat qui a fait 148 victimes

The Associated Press
Australie : l’auteur de la prise d’otages n’était plus sous surveillance

Agence France-Presse
L’Australie doit prendre la prise d’otages comme un « avertissement », selon Abbott

The Associated Press
Les rebelles colombiens promettent un cessez-le-feu contre l’armée colombienne

The Associated Press
Les États-Unis et Cuba vont rétablir leurs relations diplomatiques

Le Devoir
Relations États-Unis–Cuba : Un nouveau chapitre s’ouvre

Agence France-Presse
Le monde accueille avec enthousiasme le rapprochement historique entre les USA et Cuba

Journal Sud Ouest
L’éphéméride du 18 décembre