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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

Paul Heinbecker | The Globe and Mail
Trump’s toxic world view is blind to history

Terry Glavin | Maclean’s
Canada has nothing to learn from Donald Trump’s America

Neil Macdonald | CBC News
Trump: A natural development the nation has been building toward for 50 years

Sarah Kendzior | The Globe and Mail
Donald Trump: Our anti-American president

Editorial | The Globe and Mail
Keep calm and carry on, world - Gable - More

Harvey Schachter | The Globe and Mail
Learning from Donald Trump’s new rules

Keith Boag | CBC News
New president might have tough time reversing Obama’s key policies

Editorial | The Toronto Star
The world is stuck with President Donald Trump for four years

John Ivison | National Post
In what will be a bumpy ride, Trudeau has to appease Trump to avoid falling off trade wagon

Adam Radwanski | The Globe and Mail
Can Trudeau keep resisting calls to be the anti-Trump?

Paul Wells | The Toronto Star
Stephen Harper looks at ‘glass half full’ in Trump’s victory

Susan Delacourt | The Toronto Star
Don’t underestimate the power of fear

Bessma Momani | The Globe and Mail
Team Trump sets stage for another Wall Street meltdown

Conrad Black | National Post
Without the trite sanctimony, Trump invokes a sacred duty to raise up America’s magnificence

Matt Lundy | The Globe and Mail
Trump’s tough task: Becoming the ‘greatest jobs producer’

Andrew Coyne | National Post
Trump speech signals an America now looking inward

Thomas Walkom | The Toronto Star
Canada has survived worse U.S. presidents than Donald Trump

Anne Kingston | Maclean’s
How tiny details tell the bigger story of a surreal inauguration

Editorial | National Post
May President Trump make America greater — and prove his doubters wrong

Robert Fulford | National Post
If you expected a different kind of Trump than before, you were wrong

Scott Gilmore | Maclean’s
America will endure

Kelly McParland | National Post
President Trump offers a vision of greatness. He has yet to offer a vision to achieve it

Adrian Lee and Jason Kirby | Maclean’s
Looking up to leadership: Do you have to be tall to be U.S. president?

Éric Grenier | CBC News
Speaking French a major advantage for Conservative leadership contenders

Michael Den Tandt | National Post
‘Mad Max’ Bernier has been upstaged by Kevin O’Leary, a self-styled Darth Vader

Christian Rioux | Le Devoir
Le nouveau président et l’Europe

International Commentary

Editorial Board | Bloomberg View
Trump Is President. Now What?

James Oliphant | Reuters News Agency
Trump is now president, but he still sees himself as leading an insurgency

Megan McArdle | Bloomberg View
Welcome to Trump’s America. Start Digging the Moat.

George F. Will | The Washington Post
A most dreadful inaugural address

Scot Lehigh | The Boston Globe
Trump’s epic inaugural failure

Anne Applebaum | The Washington Post
Trump’s dark promise to return to a mythical past

Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
Trump’s America is a rotten place

Paul Krugman | The New York Times
Donald the Unready

Albert R. Hunt | Bloomberg View
Imagine a Gracious Trump

David Brooks | The New York Times
The Internal Invasion

Stephen F. Hayes | Weekly Standard
Trump Inaugural Goes Heavy on the Populism

Noah Feldman | Bloomberg View
Trump Turns a JFK Phrase Against His Message

James McManus | Bloomberg View
In Nuclear Poker, Don’t Bet on Trump

Hugh Hewitt | The Washington Post
It’s time to relax about Trump

Charles M. Blow | The New York Times
Are You Not Alarmed?

John Lloyd | Reuters News Agency
The meaning of Chelsea Manning

International News

Military News
Army Picks Sig Sauer’s P320 Handgun to Replace M9 Service Pistol - More - Photo

The Washington Post
Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th president - Photo

The Globe and Mail
‘Only America first’: Donald Trump‘s inauguration speech in under four minutes - More - More

The Associated Press
Melania Trump Wears Sky-Blue Cashmere Ralph Lauren Ensemble - More - Photo

The Associated Press
What’s on the Trump Menu? Lobster, Steak and Chocolate

Reuters News Agency
Trump promises to put ‘America First’ - More

The Associated Press
Trump starts on familiar note: with exaggeration

ABC News
Donald Trump Promise Tracker: Where His Pledges Stand

CBC News
Trump makes cyberwarfare an official priority for new White House

Reuters News Agency
Trump, in Oval Office, signs first order on Obamacare

The Washington Post
White House website almost immediately transforms - More - More

The Boston Globe
Why are web pages disappearing? - More - More

The Associated Press
Trump tells friend he will give up his phone

The Associated Press
10 promises Trump made for his first day

Weekly Standard
On Day One, Trump Declares War on the Washington Establishment

CBC News
Trump vows to put an end to ‘American carnage’

The Wrap
Trump’s Inauguration ‘Designated Survivor’ Revealed - More

The New York Times
Senate Confirms Mattis at Defense and Kelly for Homeland Security

Reuters News Agency
U.S. President Donald Trump and Melania dance to My Way at inaugural ball - More

Reuters News Agency
Violence flares in Washington during Trump inauguration - More

The Washington Post
Violent protests erupt again in downtown D.C. - More

The Associated Press
Taking his exit, Obama says presidency proved hope wins out

The Huffington Post
Sun, sleep and not a Trump in sight: The Obamas head straight to Palm Springs - More - More

The Associated Press
George H.W. Bush, Barbara remain hospitalized in Houston, showing improvement - More

The New York Times
Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates

Reuters News Agency
Wall Street ends higher - More

Bloomberg Politics
Trump’s Tough Talk Further Rattles World Capitals on Day One

The Washington Post
A polarized world reacts with fear and despair, enthusiasm and optimism

Reuters News Agency
Thirty people still missing at Italian hotel - More

Reuters News Agency
Bosnian Serb leader wants U.S. ambassador declared persona non grata

Reuters News Agency
In Trump We Trust: Inauguration prompts celebration in Russia - More

Reuters News Agency
Turkish parliament nears approval of presidential system

ABC News
Trump May Have Early Chance to Target Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Reuters News Agency
Russia sees positive signs in Syria peace process

Reuters News Agency
U.S. air strike in Syria kills more than 100 al-Qaeda members

The Associated Press
IS in Syria Destroys Part of Roman Theater in Palmyra

Reuters News Agency
Thai junta sets up military-led reconciliation panel

Reuters News Agency
Shippers avoid new pirate hotspot in waters west of the Philippines

Reuters News Agency
Taiwan says wants new era of peace with China

Reuters News Agency
China sees ‘grim’ situation in relations with Taiwan this year

Reuters News Agency
Trump trade strategy starts with quitting Asia pact

Reuters News Agency
Made in Vietnam: At inauguration, origin of red Trump hats shocks many

Reuters News Agency
China rules out abuse, woos foreign diplomats in graft fight

Reuters News Agency
U.S. asks South Korea to arrest former U.N. chief Ban’s brother

Reuters News Agency
Japan PM aims to strengthen U.S. alliance

Reuters News Agency
Thousands protest Trump as ‘sister marches’ begin in Australia and New Zealand

Reuters News Agency
Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ to appear in New York court on Friday

CBC News
Some Mexicans look at Donald Trump and say ‘give him a chance’

The New York Times
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