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Thursday, 31 July 2014 - Updated at 0700 hrs EDT

Canadian News

Embassy Newspaper
DND monitored 29,519 newspaper articles in FY12/13

The Toronto Star
Hiring foreign pilots cuts costs, says RCAF - More

CBC News
Valcartier explosion that killed six cadets remembered

QMI Agency
CF member charged for drug offences

The Globe and Mail
CSE intelligence sweeps often intercept private data

CBC News
Summer anomaly brings chilly days to residents between sweltering coasts

Postmedia News and The Canadian Press
Harper continues to blame Hamas

The Toronto Star
Airlines and pilots raise alarm over laser attacks

Embassy Newspaper
Travel sector uneasy about new screening requirements

CBC News
Canada taking steps to guard against spread of Ebola - More

Maclean’s Magazine
Researchers discover a blood test for suicide risk

The Globe and Mail
Spam is back - More - More

CBC News
Arctic cruise ship runs into engine trouble off Greenland

Ottawa Researchers
On This Day: July 31

Canadian Commentary

Colin Kenny | The Ottawa Citizen
Canada doesn’t have the military to back up its foreign policy

Jonathon Gatehouse | Maclean’s Magazine
Israel’s war without end, again

Michael Bell | The Globe and Mail
In Gaza, it’s all about the tunnels

Terry Glavin | The Ottawa Citizen
A storm of persecution

Davide Mastracci | National Post
In this war, Israel is the aggressor

Ronald Crelinsten | The Ottawa Citizen
Exporting extremism – for a time

Scott Feschuk | Maclean’s Magazine
This Harper fellow is quite something, eh?

Editorial | The Globe and Mail
That $50-billion court order? Just put it on Vlad’s tab

Raymond J. De Souza | National Post
Russian aggression toward its neighbours? Some things never change

Editorial | The Ottawa Citizen
Redford’s planes and plausible deniability

Robin Urback | National Post
Do you know how annoying other passengers are?

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
Omar Khadr is a ‘good kid’ – not a bogeyman

International News

The Associated Press
Ship unearthed at WTC site dates to 1773

The Associated Press
More senators seek military aid to Ukraine

The Associated Press
George W. Bush writes book

The Associated Press
Ex-Blackwater guard testifies against colleagues

The Associated Press
Report: Jet hit unlisted pole in fatal Ga. crash

The New York Times
Paying ransoms, Europe bankrolls Qaeda terror

The Guardian
First world war ministers were warned of ‘eternal stalemate’ in January 1915

The Guardian
Russia defiant in face of new US and EU sanctions

Thomson Reuters News
Ukraine says rebels put land mines near MH17 site

The Guardian
UK embassy in Libya remains open

Agence France-Presse
Suicide bomber kills six people at college campus in Nigeria

National Post
Nigerian forces find 10-year-old girl wearing a bomb

The Guardian
Liberia takes steps to contain west African Ebola outbreak

Agence France-Presse
Ebola outbreak: pan-African airline halts flights to west African countries

The Guardian
Turkish women defy deputy PM with laughter

The Guardian
US issues unusually firm condemnation of shelling of UN school in Gaza

The Associated Press
Israel calls up 16,000 more reservists

The Guardian
Israel to continue Gaza offensive despite pressure for ceasefire

The New York Times News Service
Arab leaders’ ‘loathing’ of Hamas has kept them quiet on Gaza war

Embassy Newspaper
Vietnamese government fears 'Black April Day' bill would open up old wounds

The Associated Press
PLA allows foreign reporters to attend monthly news conference for first time

The Guardian
WikiLeaks reveals Australian gagging order over political bribery allegations

The Guardian
Colombian peace talks will fail without government concessions, FARC warns

The New York Times
On This Day: July 31 - More - MoD - AP


Robert Fulford | National Post
Great books on the origins of the Great War