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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Canadian News

Embassy News
DND struggled to meet planning expectations into 2013

Postmedia News
Advances in prosthetic limbs have come a long way in 100 years

Postmedia News
China, U.S. navies put rivalries aside at RIMPAC 2014 - More

The Globe and Mail
Corporate spying case reveals details of sophisticated system

CBC News
Su Bin, accused by FBI of hacking, denied bail

National Post
RCMP charge B.C. man who went to Syria with terrorism

National Post
Canadians serving with Israeli military amid Gaza conflict

The Ottawa Citizen
Canada’s ambassador to Israel draws fire

The Toronto Star
At UN, Canada Blames Hamas for Gaza Casualties

The Ottawa Citizen
Air Canada cancels Tel Aviv flights for second day

CBC News
NOTAMs typically issued by countries to define closed, open airspace - More

The Globe and Mail
Omar Khadr seeking the right to tell his story to reporters

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

Ottawa Researchers
On This Day: July 24

Canadian Commentary

Adam Chapnick | Embassy Newspaper
Want to really support Israel? Drop the partisan sniping

Rafael Barak | The Toronto Star
Israel’s fight is with Hamas, not the people of Gaza

Gabor Maté | The Toronto Star
Beautiful dream of Israel has become a nightmare

Brian Stewart | CBC News
The world seems like a violent, chaotic place

Mark Steyn | National Post
Israel and Ukraine, each fighting against the forces of terror and chaos

Matt Gurney | National Post
Attacks on Ben Gurion airport may be Hamas’ undoing

Bob Rae | The Globe and Mail
I know from experience the horror of airliner attacks

Wesley K. Wark | The Ottawa Citizen
The intelligence war over Ukraine

Oksana Bashuk Hepburn | The Ottawa Citizen
Hold Putin to account

Editorial | The Globe and Mail
Gaza polls suggests that, even now, peace is still possible

Scott Taylor | Embassy Newspaper
Collateral damage or mass murder?

Jeffrey Simpson | The Globe and Mail
No facts please, it’s cellphone policy

Chris Selley | National Post
Full Pundit: Everything Stephen Harper’s done wrong

Terry Glavin | The Ottawa Citizen
They just don’t get it

Editorial | The Ottawa Citizen
Let journalists question Omar Khadr

International Commentary

Nina Khrushcheva | The Globe and Mail
Will Putin crash and burn with MH17?

Roger Cohen | The New York Times
When crisis comes, Europe vanishes

Yleem D.S. Poblete | The Washington Times
Terrorist threats in the Americas

Alan M. Dershowitz | National Post
Hamas might have just killed any chance of a two-state solution

Alex VanNess | The Washington Times
Keep Rafah closed

Clifford D. May | The Washington Times
Barbarians at Jordan’s gate

John McClaughry | The Washington Times
Finish off the “Islamic State” quickly and cheaply

David Keene | The Washington Times
The lone soldier

International News

The Washington Times
Little Rock Air Force Base on lockdown

The Associated Press
Five charged with funneling money to al-Qaeda-linked group

The Washington Times
President Obama’s latest boast: I don’t learn anything from watching the news

Yahoo News
White flags appear atop Brooklyn Bridge - More

The Associated Press
Nazi war-crimes suspect dies

The Christian Science Monitor
Nominee Robert McDonald: VA can be fixed with ‘urgent action’

The Associated Press
UK OKs Russia arms exports - More

The Associated Press
Large photo exhibit in Paris features Great War battlefields

The Associated Press
Costa Concordia making final voyage off island

Thomson Reuters News
Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down near MH 17 crash site, Kiev says

The Associated Press
MH17: Victims’ bodies headed to Netherlands

Yahoo News
US tracked missile that brought down MH17

The Washington Times
Obama orders Pentagon advisers to Ukraine to fend off Putin-backed rebels

The Associated Press
In international flight, volatile conflicts abound

The Christian Science Monitor
Did Putin just bring Russia in from the cold?

Agence France-Presse
I no longer talk to Obama: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Washington Times
John Kerry defies FAA and flies to Israel

The Associated Press
US pushes for Gaza truce

The Associated Press
UN rights chief: Strong possibility of Gaza war crimes

The Globe and Mail
Globe in Gaza: Reporters dodge fire on the way out

The Washington Times
Israelis mourn American who died fighting Hamas

The Associated Press
Gaza families plead for evacuation amid battle

National Post
Israeli forces take aim at Hamas ‘terror tunnels’

Thomson Reuters News
Islamic State says carried out Baghdad suicide bombing

Thomson Reuters News
Young Islamic State robs al-Qaeda of militant prestige

Thomson Reuters News
Indonesian president-elect Jokowi calls for unity after bitter election

The Associated Press
Thai junta defends strong powers under new charter

The Associated Press
Parts of Chinese city sealed for bubonic plague

The Washington Times
‘Operation Normandy’ set to send 3,500 volunteers to border to ‘stop an invasion’

The Washington Times
U.S. forces deploying to Central America to halt illegal immigration

The New York Times
On This Day: July 24 - More - MoD - AP