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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 - Updated at 0835 hrs EDT

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Editorial Board | The Washington Post
Doubts arise about the Secret Service

Dana Milbank | The Washington Post
A better side of America: A wounded soldier brings a community together

Leonid Bershidsky | Bloomberg View
Toppling Lenin 20 Years Too Late

Michael Gerson | The Washington Post
Two cheers for Obama’s U.N. speech

Glenn Kessler | The Washington Post
Who is to blame for missing Islamic State’s rise?

Roger Cohen | The New York Times
Here, There Is No Why

Jenna Krajeski and Sebastian Meyer | The New York Times
ISIS Tests Kurds’ Bid for Independence

Editorial | The New York Times
China’s Crackdown in Hong Kong

Louisa Lim | The New York Times
Hong Kong People!

Stephen Stromberg | The Washington Post
Hong Kong’s democracy doomed?

Murithi Mutiga | The New York Times
Al Shabab’s Internal Split

Andrew C. Revkin | The New York Times
Certainties, Uncertainties and Choices with Global Warming

Nicole Etcheson | The New York Times
The Thermopylae of the West

International News

The Associated Press
White house fence-jumper reportedly made it to East Room - More

The New York Times
Many Missteps in Assessment of ISIS Threat

The Washington Post
Even an E.U. flag sparks Islamist terrorism worries in Northern Ireland

The Associated Press
Ukraine soldiers, civilians suffer worst violence in a week

Thomson Reuters News
Ukraine prosecutor opens criminal case against Russian officials

CBC News
Ebola on the streets in Monrovia

CBC News
Liberia’s newest, largest treatment clinic already at capacity

The Globe and Mail
Ebola threat prompts Red Cross to remove all bodies, infected or not

The Globe and Mail
Controversial South African defence entrepreneur basks in success

The Globe and Mail
Netanyahu warns that Islamic State, Hamas two sides of same coin - More

Thomson Reuters News
U.S., Kurds strike at Islamic State in Syria

Thomson Reuters News
U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad’s moderate foes

The Washington Post
Islamic State militants switching up tactics after airstrikes

Thomson Reuters News
Afghans prepare to sign deal with U.S. allowing troops to stay

The Washington Post
U.S. signs deal for troops to remain in Afghanistan

Thomson Reuters News
Obama, Modi vow to boost strategic ties, create model for world

The Globe and Mail
Censorship keeping news of ‘Umbrella Revolution’ hidden in China

Thomson Reuters News
Hong Kong protesters stockpile supplies, prepare for long haul

The New York Times
Hong Kong’s Leader Calls for Protests to End ‘Immediately’

The New York Times
For China, Limited Tools Available to Quell Unrest in Hong Kong

Thomson Reuters News
Australian police charge man over funding terrorist organization after raids

The New York Times
On This Day: September 30


Herbert P. Bix | The New York Times
Hirohito: String Puller, Not Puppet