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Tuesday, 1 December 2015 - Updated at 0600 hrs EST

Canadian News

CBC News
Satellites need protection as ‘critical infrastructure’, says DRDC

CBC News
Canadians approve of Trudeau

CBC News
‘Canada is back, and here to help,' PM tells delegates

CBC News
Davie Shipyard's deal for navy supply ship retrofit to go ahead

CBC News
First 'new wave' of Syrian refugees arrive in Canada from Lebanon

The Toronto Star
Jordan offers to lease planes to Canada to begin transporting Syrian refugees

CBC News
Immigration Minister John McCallum unsure

The Canadian Press
Clinton emails: Canadian foreign affairs staff hated Harper Tories

The Canadian Press
BlackBerry to exit Pakistan

Thomson Reuters News
Solar-powered plane could land in Vancouver this spring

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

Ottawa Researchers
On This Day: December 1

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Canadian Commentary

Editorial | National Post
Less talk, more ships

Editorial | The Toronto Star
Helping the Syrians who are left behind

Mike Strobel | Toronto Sun
Trump’s a chump

Matthew Hoffmann | The Globe and Mail
The Paris paradox: Summit won’t succeed – or fail

Stephen Gordon | National Post
The Liberals' not-so-modest deficits

Kelly McParland | National Post
Syrian crisis upsets Britain’s experiment in old-time socialism

Chris Kilford | The Ottawa Citizen
Turkey can’t win the fight against Russia, Syria

Shannon Gormley | The Ottawa Citizen
Don’t go too far from home, and look out for stranger danger

Michael R. Marrus | The Globe and Mail
Is Donald Trump an American fascist?

Editorial | The Globe and Mail
Let the Crimeans have electricity

Neil Reynolds | The Globe and Mail
Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself - More

Éric Desrosiers | Le Devoir
Pleins gaz pour un consensus mondial

International Commentary

International News

The New York Times
U.S. Tightens Visa-Waiver Program in Bid to Deter Militants

Quartz News
Plans to Launch Satellites with F-15s Scrapped

The Atlantic
OPM Has Figured Out How Much Data It Owns

The Associated Press
State Department to release new batch of Clinton emails

Defense One
UK Beefs Up Its Defenses for a More Secure World - More

The Associated Press
PM sets UK Syria airstrikes debate for Wednesday

The New York Times
How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault Through Trial and Error

The New York Times
For Survivors of Paris Attacks, Mental Scars May Outlast Wounds

CBC News
Goal of COP21 summit is to keep Earth from warming more than 2°C

CBC News
Alberta's carbon tax should comfort OPEC

The Associated Press
Kosovo Parliament disrupted with tear gas, again

United Press International
Russian airborne forces to hold exercises in the Arctic

Thomson Reuters News
Burkina Faso elects Roch Marc Kabore as president

The Associated Press
Turkey won't apologize to Russia over warplane downing - More

United Press International
Western and Russian airstrikes enable heavy offensives in Iraq and Syria

Military Times
New Russian surface-to-air missiles in Syria, DoD confirms

USA Today
Pentagon may send more U.S. troops to Syria

Thomson Reuters News
Syria's al-Qaeda branch Nusra Front to swap Lebanese soldiers for prisoners

The Associated Press
US warns of ‘imminent’ attack in Kabul

Thomson Reuters News
AirAsia Flight 8501: Indonesia says flight crew action caused jet to crash

The Associated Press
U.S. marine convicted of killing transgender Filipina

Military Times
U.S., Chinese militaries conclude joint talks amid South China Sea tensions

The Associated Press
Haiti opposition says transitional gov't may be needed

The New York Times
On This Day: December 1

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