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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

Scott Taylor | The Chronicle Herald
Consequences of western intervention mount

Shannon Gormley | The Ottawa Citizen
The foreign policy debates we should be having

Mark Critch | CBC News
Harper sees Duffy’s shadow, so it's 11 more weeks of election

J. Michael Cole | The National Interest
Canada’s Crumbling Democracy

International Commentary

James Jay Carafano | The National Interest
How to Fix U.S. Defense Policy

Carter Malkasian | The Washington Post
The Taliban after Omar

Stephen Kinzer | The Boston Globe
When US intervention turns bad to worse

Walter Pincus | The Washington Post
The limitations of sanctions on Iran

Jackson Diehl | The Washington Post
Why Iran won’t give up Syria

Michael Gerson } The Washington Post
Iran could cause regional chaos

Jeff Jacoby | The Boston Globe
China has its own horrors to atone for

Steven R. Hurst | The Associated Press
US-Turkey deal on Syria a big gamble

David A. Graham | The Atlantic
Why It Matters Whether an Attack on Palestinians Is ‘Terrorism’

Jeremy Farrar | The Guardian
The Ebola vaccine we dared to dream of is here

Marc A. Thiessen | The Washington Post
Hillary Clinton’s scandal deepens

Paul Waldman | The Washington Post
Joe Biden is not running for president

Richard Cohen | The Washington Post
Is Biden too old?

Stephen Stromberg | The Washington Post
How to detect nonsense about climate change - More

International News

Tribune News Service
As cyberattacks mount, Pentagon looks for ways to retaliate

The National Interest
America Holds Massive Anti-Drone Drills

Defense One
USAF wants to make its drones smarter and deadlier

The Virginian-Pilot
Navy explains new fitness requirements for sailors

Defense One
America’s allies want more from the US

The Wall Street Journal
In California, Even Firefighters Conserve Water

The Washington Post
Sen. Graham moved up in Air Force Reserve ranks despite light duties

The Boston Globe
After car hack, Internet of Things looks riskier

The Observer
Bin Laden plane crash: aircraft went down in near perfect conditions

The Telegraph
Spitfire crashes after losing power - More - Photo

The Wall Street Journal
Video: KLM pilot skillfully lands a Boeing 777 at Schiphol Airport

The Associated Press
Poland seeks to move graves to reach remains of WWII heroes

Bloomberg News
Greek markets return with a plunge

Los Angeles Times
Russia expels Swedish diplomat in latest sign of tension in Baltics

United Press International
Kremlin official not surprised by sanctions

United Press International
Pilot dead after Mi-28 helicopter crashes

Thomson Reuters News
Russia says kills six suspected militants in North Caucasus

The Economist
Russia and the world: Making waves, if not ruling them

The Economist
The Peril Beyond Putin - More

United Press International
Nigerian ground and air forces repel Boko Haram attack in Borno state

The Guardian
Do Nigerians really drink as much champagne as the French?

The Associated Press
Burundi tense amid gunfire after killing of a general

Bloomberg News
Burundi urged to stay calm after general assassinated

The Wall Street Journal
More Debris Found on Réunion Island

Thomson Reuters News
Barnacles on debris could provide clues to missing MH370

The Economist
Turkey, America and the Kurds: Awkward allies

The Atlantic
The U.S. Quietly Expands Its Mission in Syria

The Washington Post
U.S. launches armed flights over Syria from Incirlik AB

United Press International
Syrian government warplane crashes into town market, killing 12 - More

The Associated Press
US-led strikes in Iraq, Syria killed many civilians - More

Foreign Policy
DIA General: Iraq ‘May Not Come Back as an Intact State’

Thomson Reuters News
Kerry seeks to convince Gulf Arabs on Iran deal

The Washington Post
Arab nations express support for Iran nuclear agreement

United Press International
UAE arrests 41 people on charges of plotting to establish caliphate

The Associated Press
Afghan government says it won't separately deal with Taliban

The Washington Post
In a nation with plenty of tragedy, Afghan comic generates plenty of laughs

The Economist
Mullah Omar: the one-eyed man who was king

The National Interest
Pakistan's Shocking Strategic Shift

The Washington Post
Say goodbye to the weirdest border dispute in the world

The New York Times
Rohingya Women Flee Violence Only to Be Sold Into Marriage

Thomson Reuters News
China seeks hearts and minds with Tibetan resettlements

Thomson Reuters News
China wants no talk of South China Sea at upcoming ASEAN meeting

Thomson Reuters News
North Korea shows captive Canadian pastor confessing before congregation

Breaking Defense
Japan Looks South: China’s Rise Drives New Strategy

The Guardian
Japan’s atomic bomb survivors continue in fight against nuclear weapons

The Washington Post
390-year-old bonsai tree survived Hiroshima bomb

The New York Times
On This Day: August 4


Ian Buruma |The New York Times
‘Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War,’ by Susan Southard

Sheila Fitzpatrick |London Review of Books
What Stalin Built: Almost Lovable

Anonymous | The New York Review of Books
The Mystery of ISIS

James Salter | The New York Review of Books
The Wright Brothers: They Began a New Era

Lives Lived

Allison Lawlor | The Globe and Mail
Robert Downey has died aged 78 - More - More - Photos

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