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Friday, 29 July 2016 - Updated at 0605 hrs EDT

Canadian News

CBC News
USAF C-130 makes emergency landing in St. John's after loss ofcabin pressure - Photo

CBC News
Port of Churchill once looked forward to ‘great fleets of the future’

CBC News
Michael Wernick answers questions on Phoenix pay fiasco and SSC’s woes

The Canadian Press
Phoenix pay system fiasco: Officials say all files will be processed by Oct. 31 - More

CBC News
Hundreds of employees come forward with new Phoenix pay problems - More

CBC News
Phoenix overhaul leaves compensation worker laid off, over $100K owed to her

CBC News
Ottawa to create satellite office in Winnipeg

Jane’s Defence Weekly
Canada announces multi-billion dollar ship support contract

CBC News
P.E.I. veterans ‘ecstatic’ over district office reopening

The Globe and Mail
Canadian company in UAE sold armoured vehicles to South Sudan - More

CBC News
Haiti case points to loopholes allowing cops to avoid disciplinary action

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Ottawa Researchers
Today in Canadian History: July 29

Canadian Commentary

International Commentary

Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
Russian hacking: What we know and Trump doesn’t

Joe Scarborough | The Washington Post
Donald Trump takes us all for a ride again

Rex Huppke | Chicago Tribune
The invincible power of patriotism

Chris Cillizza | The Washington Post
Donald Trump's tax returns: Why he won't release them

Marc A. Thiessen | The Washington Post
Democrats asked for their WikiLeaks debacle

Cathleen Decker | Los Angeles Times
The surrogates Hillary Clinton desperately needs aim for the voters she wants

International News

Defense One
US Military Turning to Private ‘Bad Guys’ to Dogfight Fighter Pilots

Reuters News Agency
Boeing’s iconic 747 era could come to an end - More - More - Photo

The Washington Post
Bill O’Reilly irretrievably loses it over White House slaves

CBC News
Hillary Clinton says she would be president ‘for all Americans’ - More

The Associated Press
Checking the facts from Hillary Clinton's speech - More

The Associated Press
Second attacker in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray hostage-taking identified - More

Agence France-Presse
Pope Francis falls down during Poland visit, remains unharmed

The Associated Press
Pope Francis makes sombre visit to Auschwitz

Jane’s Defence Weekly
French contractor helps prepare Côte d'Ivoire for UN peacekeeping

The Associated Press
Turkey creates “Traitors’ Cemetery” for dead coup plotters

Reuters News Agency
Nusra Front renames itself Jabhat Fatah al-Sham

The Associated Press
Afghan official says major offensive against IS underway

The Express Tribune
CAS reiterates resolve to break terrorism-corruption nexus

The Express Tribune
Taliban are terrorists, says Imran Khan

Jane’s Defence Weekly
India signs deal for four more P-8I surveillance aircraft

Jane’s Defence Weekly
India deploys over 100 T-72 tanks along disputed border with China - Photo - More

Al Jazeera News
Ignoring appeals, Indonesia plans to execute 14, mostly foreigners - More

The New York Times
On This Day: July 29


Patricia Treble | Maclean’s
Harry Potter and the return of anticipation

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