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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Canadian News

Nouvelles Radio-Canada International
75 ans depuis le débarquement de Dieppe - Plus

La Presse Canadienne
Le sacrifice canadien souligné au 75e anniversaire du débarquement de Dieppe

45e Nord
Une page se tourne alors que les FAC terminent une mission de trois ans en Pologne

45e Nord
Police aérienne de l’OTAN : le Canada envoie quatre CF-18 à Constanta en Roumanie

Nouvelles Radio-Canada
Un Canadien parmi les victimes de l’attentat de Barcelone - Plus

Le Droit
La Lune a rendez-vous avec le Soleil lundi

Nouvelles Radio-Canada International
Les Canadiens pourront voir une éclipse solaire lundi

La Presse Canadienne
Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu défend son adhésion à des groupes Facebook hostiles à l’immigration

45e Nord
Manifestation anti-immigration à Québec : les Forces armées canadiennes préviennent les militaires

Nouvelles Radio-Canada International
Sécurité : les organisateurs d’événements à Montréal se disent prêts

La Presse Canadienne
Manifestation à Québec dimanche : Couillard craint les dérapages

La Presse Canadienne
Un 20 août dans l’Histoire

Direction - Histoire et patrimoine
Dates significatives dans l’histoire militaire canadienne

Canadian Commentary

Stewart Prest | CBC News
There are things Americans won't tolerate, regardless of political affiliation

Tony Burman | The Toronto Star
Donald Trump marches to war — in his own country

Keith Boag | CBC News
Steve Bannon, innovator in weaponized news, is hoist by his own petard

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
This is exactly the America Steve Bannon wanted

Tabatha Southey | The Globe and Mail
Presidenting 101: Intro to denouncing racism

Christie Blatchford | National Post
Hate and mob power is as ugly as ever, only now it's louder

Josey Ross | The Globe and Mail
No, Tina Fey, white people must put down the sheet cake and start fighting

Amira Elghawaby | The Globe and Mail
Where has all of our empathy gone? - More

Robert Everett-Green | The Globe and Mail
How a data error revealed deep francophone anxiety

Mohamed Fahmy | The Toronto Star
How email hackers lure you into their trap

International Commentary

Mark R. Jacobson | Defense One
Rename US Army Bases for Heroes, not Confederates

Daniel Salisbury | Defense News
Why didn’t sanctions stop North Korea’s missile program?

David Alpher | United Press International
Charlottesville and the politics of fear

Callum Borchers | The Washington Post
Bannon, basically: Trump’s campaign was a fraud

Ryan Lizza | The New Yorker
The Rise and Fall of Steve Bannon

John Cassidy | The New Yorker
Steve Bannon’s Departure Won’t Save Trump’s Presidency

Heather Timmons, Gwynn Guilford, and Nikhil Sonnad | Quartz
Steve Bannon is more dangerous outside the Trump White House than in it

Ryan Lizza | The New Yorker
Why Congress Should Censure Trump for Boosting White Supremacists

M.D. Nalapat | United Press International
President Trump should listen more to daughter Ivanka

Francis Wilkinson | Bloomberg View
Mike Pence is a better option than Trump

International News

The Atlantic
The Eclipse Conspiracy: Something doesn’t add up. - More - Video

United Press International
Eclipse chasers could form largest mass migration in history - More

Sometimes you need a pulsing red circle of data to understand how abnormally hot Earth is getting

The San Diego Union-Tribune
Navy commander pleads guilty in massive ‘Fat Leonard’ corruption scandal

The Washington Post
Jim Mattis lauds sailors for their service

Defense News
Trump elevates Cyber Command; split with NSA still an option - More

Defense News
Mattis: Continuing resolution ‘about as unwise as can be’

Defense One
Armed Militias Won’t Stop After Charlottesville, and That Worries Law Enforcement

The Economist
‘Let Us Eat Cake’: The Tina Fey Effect in 2017

CBC News
Confederacy capital grapples with future of its monuments

Lawmakers urge removal of Robert E. Lee statue at Antietam

The Virginian-Pilot
Virginia voters could help decide the fate of Confederate monuments

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
How the Confederates might actually come off Stone Mountain - Photo - More

United Press International
Charlottesville mayor calls for removal of statue at heart of protests

CBC News
After cracking down on neo-Nazis, tech companies wonder who should police online hate

The Atlantic
Bannon’s Exit Leaves Trump Untethered

The Atlantic
Bannon Is ‘Going Nuclear’ - More

The Independent
Art of the Deal co-author predicts Donald Trump is about to resign

The Associated Press
Donald Trump to skip Kennedy Center arts awards

The Associated Press
Icahn steps down as unofficial Trump adviser - More

The Associated Press
Trump struggles with presidential duties as uniter-in-chief

United Press International
Trump at Camp David to meet with top national security team

Reuters News Agency
Boston march against hate speech avoids Charlottesville chaos - More

Reuters News Agency
Veteran NAFTA negotiators likely to deflect political pressures

The Associated Press
French police carrying out extra border checks

The Associated Press
Cities seek creative ways to prevent car or van attacks

The Associated Press
Stabbing in Finland investigated as possible terrorism - More

CBC News
For ISIS, Barcelona is another trophy to add to tally of attacks on Europe’s iconic sites

The Associated Press
Spain, France press manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks

Reuters News Agency
Spain hunts for driver in van rampage, says Islamist cell dismantled - More

CBC News
Blood clinics overflowing with donations in wake of attacks in Spain

Reuters News Agency
Syrian army pounds rebel areas near Damascus after Russian brokered truce

Reuters News Agency
Lebanese army, Hezbollah announce offensives against Islamic State on Syrian border

CBC News
Police investigations have some Israelis pondering Netanyahu’s future

Reuters News Agency
Palestinian foreign minister welcomes Egypt's warmer ties with Hamas

Defense News
India approves deals for Apache helicopters, maritime engines

United Press International
North Korea: South Korea’s Moon Jae-in a ‘failure’

The Associated Press
A look at US-S. Korea war games and how North might respond

United Press International
U.S. scales back deployment to Korea for drills

United Press International
Japan’s alert system against North Korea malfunctions

Defense News
Japan seeks new missile defense ‘assets,’ increased cyber cooperation

The Associated Press
Commanding officer of damaged USS Fitzgerald to be relieved of command

The Associated Press
Venezuela’s ousted chief prosecutor flees to Colombia

The New York Times
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