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Canadian News

The Canadian Press
LCBO workers on strike after talks break down

The Canadian Press
CSIS director David Vigneault stepping down

The Canadian Press
Warnings expand as heat wave settles over B.C.

The Canadian Press
Calgarians put water crisis aside

Global News
Organization supporting veterans enters Calgary Stampede Parade for first time

The Canadian Press
Anthony Housefather named to new antisemitism adviser role

The Canadian Press
Tories vow to remove Liberals’ human rights pick

The Canadian Press
Chrystia Freeland says 'vast, vast majority' of Liberal caucus supports Trudeau

The Canadian Press
Canadians rally to help after Hurricane Beryl

The Canadian Press
CBSA workers who nearly went on strike in June ratify new contract

Global News
Montreal police dismantle pro-Palestinian encampment in city’s downtown

The Canadian Press
UWaterloo sues pro-Palestinian protest encampment, seeks $1.5M in compensation

The Canadian Press
U.K. election renews hopes for trade talks

The Canadian Press
Claims that countries plan to engineer an 'ethical global famine' are false

Des milliers de travailleurs de la LCBO se mettent en grève

Agence QMI
Le directeur du Service de renseignement canadien démissionne - Plus

Des jugements non traduits malgré la nouvelle loi 101

TVA Nouvelles
Accès refusé pour le SIM au campement de McGill

Le SPVM démantèle le campement propalestinien de la place Victoria

Agence QMI
Tensions autour du campement à McGill : des profs refusent d’enseigner en présentiel

Agence QMI
Les conservateurs critiquent une nomination « antisémite » de Trudeau

Baisse des prix des véhicules d’occasion au pays

Un retour à Churchill Falls très attendu pour des centaines d’évacués

TVA Nouvelles
L'industrie du numérique en pleine effervescence au Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

Canadian Commentary

Andrew Coyne | The Globe and Mail
Why does Justin Trudeau insist on staying on as Liberal Leader? To save democracy, of course

Michael Taube | National Post
Google partners with lefty collective in attempted end run around Online News Act

Randall Denley | National Post
Ontario ponders another costly electricity spending spree

Avi Benlolo and Jerry Grafstein | National Post
Court's dismissal of antisemitism at U of T encampment a slap in the face

Collin May | National Post
U of T injunction sets clear precedent for the removal of university encampments

Joe Friesen | The Globe and Mail
U of T may be example of how to peacefully resolve other protest encampments

Tony Keller | The Globe and Mail
The U of T occupation was illegal. Why? Because it was an occupation.

Melvyn L. Solmon and Heidi R. Brown | National Post
It's not too late to correct the flawed report on TMU's antisemitic student letter

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
Time’s up for Joe Biden

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
Canada has the worst electoral system, except for all the others

Gwynne Dyer | Niagara Falls Review
Three western governments may soon undergo radical change

Gwynne Dyer | Niagara Falls Review
President Macron is arrogant, but he is not stupid

Mark Selby | The Globe and Mail
Blood nickel: What electric-vehicle hunger has wrought, and how Canada can help

Ivan Semeniuk | The Globe and Mail
In the battle over the Ontario Science Centre’s future, we must remember why it was built

Courtney Glode | The Hill Times
Northern cod controversy: More than just fish

Alec Castonguay | Radio-Canada
L’OTAN et le secret canadien : l’argent n’est pas le plus gros problème de notre armée

Raphaël Bouvier-Auclair | Radio-Canada
Au Royaume-Uni, un tsunami travailliste sur une mer agitée

Sophie-Hélène Lebeuf | Radio-Canada
Qui pourrait remplacer Joe Biden ?

International News

NN News
Suspected drunk driver crashes into a Fourth of July crowd at an NYC park

CNN News
Let’s stop pretending that parades are fun

RFK Jr. pledges to ‘open the files’ on 9/11 attacks

Trump leans on presidential immunity ruling in new bid to toss Jack Smith

The Associated Press
Trump denies knowing about Project 2025

ABC News
Biden doubles down on debate explanations in interview with George Stephanopoulos - More

The Associated Press
Biden rejects independent medical evaluation in ABC interview

CNN News
As heat levels climb, so do power bills

The Huffington Post
Trump Rails Against Biden, Harris in Unhinged Rant Caught on Video - More

The Associated Press
Trump's misleading claims about the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol

Reuters News Agency
All change at Downing Street, except Larry the Cat - More

The Associated Press
Keir Starmer becomes PM with a sensational victory

The Associated Press
The UK election winner only becomes PM when King Charles III says so

CNN News
As Europe turns right, why has a center-left party won by a landslide in the UK?

CNN News
Le Pen promises French far right will rein in aid to Ukraine - More

Politico Magazine
Europe is Quietly Debating a Nuclear Future Without the US

The Associated Press
NATO leaders will vow to pour weapons into Ukraine for another year

The Associated Press
Germany fears a victory for the far-right National Rally could harm its close relations with France

The New York Times
Cosmic Research Hints at Mysterious Ancient Computer’s Purpose

CNN News
Ukraine says it thwarted a plot to overthrow the government

The Associated Press
Prosecutor wants six-year sentence for Russian director, playwright accused of supporting terrorism

The Associated Press
Land routes across Africa are twice as deadly for migrants as Mediterranean voyages

The Associated Press
US says troops are leaving Niger bases this weekend and in August after coup

Agence France-Presse
At least 89 migrants dead after boat capsizes off Mauritania

The Associated Press
Reformist Masoud Pezeshkian leads hard-liner Saeed Jalili in Iran presidential runoff election - More

The Washington Post
As Taliban limits options for Afghan women, many lead secret lives online

The Associated Press
Afghanistan wants to dust off its postal service and modernize

The Associated Press
A roadside bomb planted on a bridge hits a rickshaw in Pakistan

The Associated Press
Brazilian police indict ex-President Bolsonaro in undeclared diamonds case

CNN News
Beryl weakens slightly to strong Category 2 hurricane

Agence France-Presse
Débat désastreux : « J’ai anéanti cette vieille ordure bonne à rien », dit Donald Trump

Agence France-Presse
« Je n’ai pas l’intention de m’en aller », affirme Biden - Plus

Agence France-Presse
Législatives britanniques : victoire écrasante des travaillistes

Que signifie la victoire éclatante du Labour au Royaume-Uni?

Agence France-Presse
Pays-Bas : le nouveau PM critiqué sur les propos « racistes » de deux de ses ministres

Agence France-Presse
France : incertitude et tension à trois jours du 2e tour des législatives

Agence France-Presse
Scandale des pizzas contaminées : Nestlé France inculpé

Agence France-Presse
L'Etna en éruption, vols suspendus à l'aéroport de Catane - Plus

Agence France-Presse
Nouvelle-Calédonie : rassemblements interdits et couvre-feu prolongé jusqu'au 15 juillet

Campagne électorale meurtrière au Mexique

International Commentary

David Ignatius | The Washington Post
As Biden slips toward the edge, NATO holds its collective breath

William Baude | The New York Times
A Principled Supreme Court, Unnerved by Trump

Max Boot | The Washington Post
Who’s the least bad choice to be Trump’s VP?

Elaina Plott Calabro | The Atlantic
The White House’s Kamala Harris Blunder

Ian Ward | Politico Magazine
The Republican Ukraine Skeptics Who Saw War Firsthand

David A. Graham | The Atlantic
A Gobstopper of Offense: Trump’s New Racist Insult

Robert Reich | Eurasia Review
Stuck In Space

Scott Nover | Slate
This Creepy Trump Pic Shows Why Our Elections Are Doomed

Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern | Slate
The Supreme Court Is Fully MAGA-Pilled. The Time for Action Is Now or Never.

G. Elliott Morris | ABC News
Would Kamala Harris be a stronger candidate than Biden?

Gordon Brown< | The Guardian
Use this election to reject the Farage version of Britain. Let’s get our country back

Jonathan Pie | The New York Times
‘50 Shades of Beige’: Meet Britain’s New Prime Minister

Rokhaya Diallo | The Guardian
France can argue later – now everyone who cares about our democracy must unite to keep the far right out

Rachel Donadio | The Atlantic
How Macron Lost France to the Extremes

Ian Bogost | The Atlantic
Do Navigation Apps Think We’re Stupid?

Leana S. Wen | The Washington Post
Fall COVID boosters are coming. Seniors, please get the shot.


Mia Rabson | The Canadian Press
Canada's global reputation suffering under Trudeau, Marc Garneau asserts in autobiography

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