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Canadian News

CMF Magazine
Arcfield Canada Awarded $211.9 Contract to Sustain RCAF CF-18 Fleet

CMF Magazine
CAF Grooming Standards for Hair and Facial Hair Set to Change

Global News
Contentious capital gains tax change to face vote at House of Commons

The Canadian Press
Mi’kmaq First Nation to become majority owner of two shipyards in Nova Scotia

CBC News
Liberals support push to have public inquiry probe claims that Parliamentarians helped foreign states

CBC News
Former chief justice Beverley McLachlin to step down from controversial Hong Kong court

CBC News
Can a diet that's good for the planet reduce your risk of dying from disease?

CBC News
P.E.I. research scientist searching for path to drought-resistant potatoes - More

CBC News
Shannon Phillips targeted climate and parks action. Then she got targeted.

CBC News
Beavers left unprotected by new wildlife strategy, says advocate

Retour des sacs en papier dans les LCBO : les dessous de la demande de Doug Ford

Immigration : rencontre des PM Trudeau et Legault cet après-midi

À peine arrivés au Nouveau-Brunswick, des francophones envisagent de partir au Québec

Canadian Commentary

Scott Taylor | Esprit de Corps
Back to the Future: The CAF's Dress Code Fiasco - More - More

The Editorial Board | The Globe and Mail
In the fight for freedom, D-Day never ends

Michael Harris | The Hill Times
NSICOP report more than a Pandora’s box of bad news for Canadian democracy

Claude Lavoie | The Globe and Mail
Canada has 99 problems but a high tax regime isn’t one of them

Campbell Clark | The Globe and Mail
Even the spies think the rush to name foreign interference collaborators is rash

International News

The Associated Press
Apple expected to enter AI race with ambitions to overtake the early leaders - More

ABC News
Heat dome returns to the West before spreading to East Coast

NPR News
Power grids in the western U.S. are forced to handle rising temperatures

AccuWeather News
More severe thunderstorms to prowl the central US

The Washington Post
Trump claims that Biden lost 88,000 children, with many now ‘dead’

The Associated Press
What young people wish they’d known about social media - More

Reuters News Agency
Tall order for Sinn Féin to revive suddenly flagging Irish election hopes - More

The Times
RAF sergeant’s deadly cancer caused by toxic fumes, family claims

BBC News
Thousands of asylum children in London hotels

Reuters News Agency
Political turmoil won't derail Games, IOC and Paris 2024 say

Reuters News Agency
EU's von der Leyen seeks centrist allies after far-right election gains

CNN News
Mandatory conscription and subway stations as bunkers: Germany outlines wartime plans

NBC News
Austrian Airlines A320's nose, cockpit windows damaged during flight by severe hail storm

Reuters News Agency
Switzerland flags cyberattacks, disinformation ahead of Ukraine summit

Reuters News Agency
Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni comes out on top in EU vote, strengthening her hand

Reuters News Agency
Spain's centrists stem far-right surge in EU vote, bolstering Sanchez status

The Guardian
Michael Mosley found dead on Greek island of Simi - More

The Times
Michael Mosley: CCTV footage shows he was 90 seconds from safety - More

Reuters News Agency
Ukraine says it hit Russian air defence systems in occupied Crimea

The Guardian
Jets outside Ukraine could become targets says Russian politician

BBC News
Darfur: Last civilian hospital in besieged El Fasher closed - More

Reuters News Agency
Nigerian gunmen kill 50 in raid on northwest village, residents say

Reuters News Agency
Eyeing showdown with Hezbollah, Israel presses shadow campaign in Syria

Reuters News Agency
Blinken in Middle East to push ceasefire while Israeli troops advance

The Associated Press
What’s Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage, and why is it significant for Muslims?

BBC News
Nine Hindu pilgrims killed in bus attack in India's Jammu

Reuters News Agency
Taiwan arrests Chinese man who took speedboat into Taipei harbour - More

Central News Agency
Refresher shooting program for Taiwanese reservists expanded

BBC News
A cartoon cat has been vexing China’s censors – now he says they are on his tail

South China Morning Post
Quemoy to take bigger role in Taiwan’s Han Kuang exercises this year

Reuters News Agency
South Korea, US work on joint strategy over North nuclear threat

Reuters News Agency
Australian PM condemns graffiti attack on US consulate in Sydney

Agence France-Presse
Une enquête ouverte sur des agressions sexuelles en pensionnat révélées par Charles Spencer

Agence France-Presse
Migrations : la Pologne redéploie une zone tampon à sa frontière avec le Bélarus

Agence France-Presse
Le RN en tête des intentions de vote pour les législatives, selon un sondage

Agence France-Presse
Macron commémore le massacre d'Oradour-sur-Glane

France 24
Européennes : l'extrême droite se renforce, coup de tonnerre en France

Agence France-Presse
La Russie revendique des avancées avant deux sommets cruciaux pour l’Ukraine

Agence France-Presse
Malawi : l'avion transportant le vice-président Saulos Chilima porté disparu

Les États-Unis accentuent la pression sur Israël pour une trêve à Gaza

Agence France-Presse
Yémen : les rebelles gardent en détention des travailleurs humanitaires pour « espionnage »

Agence France-Presse
Inde : la plus longue vague de chaleur jamais enregistrée

International Commentary

Rajan Menon | The Guardian
Is the risk of nuclear escalation rising between Russia and the west?

Josh Rogin | The Washington Post
The U.S. military plans a ‘Hellscape’ to deter China from attacking Taiwan

Robyn Dixon | The Washington Post
In Putin’s wartime Russia, military corruption is suddenly taboo

Anastasia Edel | The Atlantic
Why Russia Is Happy at War

Michael Coren | The Telegraph
Germany still hasn’t reckoned with this Nazi atrocity - More

Nesrine Malik | The Guardian
There’s a huge, Brexit-shaped hole in this election

Lydia Polgreen and Vishakha Darbha | The New York Times
What Modi’s Dwindling Support Says About Democracy Worldwide

Joe Lombardo | The New York Times
Nevadans’ unhappiness with the economy is driving Trump’s support in the state

Jim Newell | Slate
The Unravelling of Nancy Mace

Romain Houeix | France 24
La dissolution de l'Assemblée nationale, arme à double tranchant


Emma Sarappo | The Atlantic
The Long View of the space shuttle Challenger Disaster

Mike Lapointe | The Hill Times
Nahla Ayed has a new book out, The War We Won Apart - More - More - More

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