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Canadian News

Wings of Honour: A Century of the Royal Canadian Air Force

CBC News
TTC strike averted as union, management reach last-minute deal

CBC News
Calgarians asked to use 25% less water than yesterday

The Canadian Press
Ontario Premier Doug Ford shuffles cabinet

CBC News
Celebrated WW I tunneller from N.S. to be honoured in new exhibit

CBC News
Union for CBSA agents extends job action deadline as mediation continues

The Canadian Press
B.C. to replace fleet of air ambulances by next fall, Premier David Eby says

Postmedia News
Ten million trees really made a difference to Sudbury's landscape

National Post
RCMP busts group that allegedly smuggled hundreds of migrants into U.S. from Canada

Un bris de conduite « catastrophique », selon la Ville de Calgary

Après les feux historiques de 2023, le reboisement prend du retard au Québec

La GRC démantèle un réseau international de migrants clandestins vers les États-Unis

La police met fin à l’occupation du pavillon administratif de l’Université McGill

Canadian Commentary

Andrew Coyne | The Globe and Mail
What else do you call it when people conspire against their own country?

John Ibbitson | The Globe and Mail
Ottawa could raise the GST to help fund its defence commitments

Craig Alexander | The Globe and Mail
Be prepared, additional rate cuts from Bank of Canada will be very gradual

Michael Den Tandt | The Globe and Mail
Even if Trump wins again, Washington can’t ignore the reality of U.S.-Canada trade

Konrad Yakabuski | The Globe and Mail
Joe Biden is running out of time to save the world

Chris Brown | CBC News
For Israeli leaders, saying yes to ceasefire may mean acknowledging they've lost the war

Leyland Cecco | The Guardian
Conservative wipeout: The lesson Canada’s 1993 election offers to the Tories

Karen Pinchin | The Globe and Mail
Masked bandits are taking over the world, one trash can at a time

Gary Mason | The Globe and Mail
Deporting Jaskirat Singh Sidhu lessens us as a country

Dan Kelly and Milena Stanoeva | The Globe and Mail
Yet another summer of strikes? All political parties are now backing unions

François Brousseau | Radio-Canada
Élections colossales en Europe, un possible virage historique

International News

The New York Times
U.S. Considers Expanded Nuclear Arsenal, a Reversal of Decades of Cuts

The Washington Post
Scientists map one of Earth’s top hazards in the Pacific Northwest

The Atlantic
Elon Musk’s Starship makes a test flight without exploding - More

BBC News
Woman sues Netflix over Baby Reindeer character - More

BBC News
Down the Rabbit hole: Pocket-sized AI gadget put to the test

BBC News
Extreme heat sends 11 to hospital at Arizona Trump rally

The Guardian
Weatherwatch: Satellite weather data plays growing role in saving lives

The Guardian
Ireland heads to the polls to vote in local and European elections

BBC News
Rishi Sunak apologises for leaving D-Day events early, calling it a 'mistake'

The Guardian
British paratroopers dropping in French field for D-Day event asked for passports

The New York Times
For Sainte-Mère-Église, the First Town Liberated on D-Day, History Is Personal - Photo

BBC News
The right could win bigly in Europe – thanks to young people

Reuters News Agency
Denmark's PM Mette Frederiksen assaulted in central Copenhagen, man arrested

CBC News
Italian PM Giorgia Meloni's transformation from the margins to power broker

BBC News
Divers join search for missing Michael Mosley on the Greek island of Symi - More

Reuters News Agency
Ukraine has right to strike targets in Russia, NATO's Jens Stoltenberg says

Reuters News Agency
Putin says Russia does not need to use nuclear weapons for victory in Ukraine

The New York Times
U.S. Confronts Failures as Terrorism Spreads in West Africa

The New York Times
A Careful Dance: How Hezbollah and Israel Have Kept the Lid on a Wider War

Reuters News Agency
Israeli forces batter central, south Gaza as tanks advance in Rafah

Reuters News Agency
UNSG António Guterres to call out Israel, Hamas for violations against children

CBC News
Witnesses to Israeli strike on Gaza shelter say there's nowhere safe to go

BBC News
Refugees sent to Rwanda from Diego Garcia speak to BBC

The Associated Press
UN condemns Taliban after it publicly flogs at least 60 people

The Guardian
Two more British judges resign from Hong Kong’s top court

The Guardian
Russia nuclear-powered submarine to visit Cuba

Reuters News Agency
Mexico says patient died of chronic disease, not H5N2 bird flu

Agence France-Presse
Rishi Sunak s'excuse pour son absence à la cérémonie du D-Day

Agence France-Presse
Le Russo-Ukrainien soupçonné de préparer une attaque en France a été mis en examen et écroué

Agence France-Presse
La Première ministre danoise Mette Frederiksen agressée par un homme à Copenhague

France 24
Macron assure à Zelensky vouloir « finaliser » une coalition pour envoyer des instructeurs en Ukraine

Agence de presse Reuters
Trois Palestiniens tués dans une opération de l'armée israélienne en Cisjordanie

Agence France-Presse
Israël et le Hamas bientôt sur la « liste de la honte » de l'ONU

International Commentary

David M. Finkelstein | The Washington Post
Eighty years after D-Day, these lessons matter more than ever

Frank Bruni | The New York Times
The Absolute Worst Argument for Why Trump Won’t Win

Ronald Brownstein | The Atlantic
What Trump’s Total GOP Control Means Next

Emma Brockes | The Guardian
Compared with the dark saga of Donald Trump, British politics looks like Beatrix Potter

Alon Pinkas | The Guardian
Biden wants an end to the Gaza war. But he is finally realising Netanyahu will block any attempts at peace.

Luke Turner | The Guardian
Let’s commemorate D-day – but not how Nigel Farage wants us to

Sébastian Seibt | France 24
Vladimir Poutine et l’extension du domaine de la guerre : des menaces en l’air ?

Lives Lived

Gene Johnson and Audrey McAvoy | The Associated Press
Maj. Gen. William Anders has died aged 90 - More

Parksville Qualicum Beach News
Squadron Leader John England has died aged 91

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