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Mercredi, le 17 avril 2024

Nouvelles canadiennes

Voici ce que vous devez savoir sur le budget Freeland

Rien ne change : misez sur juin pour une baisse de taux

Vol de 20 M$ en lingots d’or : la police annonce « des arrestations »

« Les Indiens, ce sont nos nouveaux Mexicains »

La Feuille d’érable
Nouvelles de l’Équipe de la Défense

Direction - Histoire et patrimoine
Dates significatives dans l’histoire militaire canadienne

Postmedia News
Canadian Forces loses interest in UFOs?

Global News
Here’s what to know about changes to capital gains taxes in Budget 2024

CBC News
Will $52.9B in new federal spending make inflation worse?

CTV News
Gasoline prices across Ontario expected to climb to levels not seen since 2022

CBC News
Budget earmarks almost $3 billion in loans, grants for Ukraine

CBC News
Federal budget boosts funding for CBC/Radio-Canada

Global News
Budget 2024 plans ‘right to disconnect’

CTV News
Nine suspects arrested in $24M gold heist at Toronto Pearson International Airport - More

CTV News
Gravy delivered to Ontario legislature sparks police investigation

The Canadian Press
Trio found guilty of mischief for roles in 2022 Coutts border blockade

National Post
Here's how much Canadians can expect in carbon tax rebates this year

National Post
Canada's 2024 wildfire season expected to be even worse than last year's

Global News
Food service strike: Air Canada, WestJet refine menus at Toronto Pearson

CBC News
House of Commons set to question ArriveCAN contractor

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

The Maple Leaf
Defence Team News

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Commentaires canadiens

Fannie Olivier | Radio-Canada
Un budget fédéral pour les jeunes… mais écouteront-ils?

Hugo Lavallée | Radio-Canada
Un pont à 2,7 milliards, vraiment ?

John Ibbitson | The Globe and Mail
Budget 2024 lacks defence spending needed to meet NATO commitments

Gen. Rick Hillier | National Post
Canada faces ‘death by a thousand cuts’

The Editorial Board | The Globe and Mail
The Liberals move from borrow and spend, to tax and spend

Campbell Clark | The Globe and Mail
Higher taxes sold as fairness for a government that sees no other way

Aaron Wherry | CBC News
With its eighth budget, the Liberal government tries to re-win the fairness fight

John Ivison | National Post
The federal budget is a Liberal strategy driven by panic

William O'Connell | The Globe and Mail
The budget’s tax changes on corporations and the wealthy are long overdue

Philip Cross | National Post
Chrystia Freeland delivers an equal mix of bad economics and bad politics

Rahim Mohamed | National Post
Desperate Liberals are running out of other people's money

Claire Porter Robbins | The Globe and Mail
As the Middle East erupts, don’t look away from Gaza

Vivian Bercovici | National Post
Israel's terrifying night won't be the last — Iran poses an existential threat

Terry Glavin | National Post
Israel will get even with Iran, as it must, at a time of its choosing

Tasha Kheiriddin | National Post
Israel must ignore the likes of Mélanie Joly and rally to the fight against Iran

John Robson | National Post
The response to Iran's attack on Israel should not be appeasement

Jamie Sarkonak | National Post
The Governor General's online harm symposium was unbefitting of her office

Nouvelles internationales

Jour 2 du procès Trump : les sept premiers jurés sont sélectionnés

Agence de presse Reuters
L'ancienne Bourse de Copenhague détruite en grande partie après un violent incendie

Agence de presse Reuters
TikTok questionné par l'UE sur le lancement de TikTok Lite en France et en Espagne

Agence de presse Reuters
Au moins neuf morts dans une frappe russe sur Tchernihiv

Agence de presse Reuters
L'armée israélienne réinvestit le nord de la bande de Gaza, bombarde aussi Rafah

Israël avertit que l’Iran ne sortira « pas indemne » de son attaque

Agence France-Presse
Israël-Iran : pourquoi les cours du pétrole ne s’envolent-ils pas?

Agence de presse Reuters
La France rappelle son ambassadrice en Azerbaïdjan pour consultations

Agence de presse Reuters
Un avion P-8A Poseidon survole le détroit de Taïwan, la Chine envoie des chasseurs

Agence de presse Reuters
Tesla : Les suppressions d'emplois touchent ses principaux marchés mondiaux

Agence de presse Reuters
Australie : Le blanchissement des coraux affecte la majeure partie de la Grande Barrière de corail

The Associated Press
NASA pauses Mars sample return plan until a cheaper, faster one can be developed

The Guardian
Kharkiv at risk of becoming ‘second Aleppo’ without US aid, mayor says

Reuters News Agency
Ukraine says Russia steps up illegal use of tear gas to clear trenches

Reuters News Agency
Georgia's parliament approves law on 'foreign agents' in first reading

The Guardian
Rwandan leader went to Arsenal game as country marked 30 years since genocide

The Guardian
Israel has sped up settlement-building in East Jerusalem since Gaza war began

Reuters News Agency
After surviving airstrike Palestinian boy dies seeking aid

Reuters News Agency
David Cameron, in Israel, says Israelis have decided to retaliate against Iran

Reuters News Agency
Qatar says Gaza ceasefire talks at 'delicate phase'

The Guardian
Desert city of Dubai floods as heaviest rainfall in 75 years hits UAE

Reuters News Agency
Social media platform X blocked in Pakistan over national security, ministry says

Reuters News Agency
Narendra Modi eyes a third win in India election. Who is he and how did he come to power?

CBC News
The world's coral reefs are facing another mass bleaching event — maybe the biggest ever

Reuters News Agency
Caribbean ambassador calls for global action to establish slavery tribunal

The New York Times
On This Day: May 26 - BBC - This Day in Aviation

Commentaires internationaux

Aaron Blake | The Washington Post
Trump’s increasing court outbursts come with increasing risks — for all

Paul Taylor | The Guardian
Ursula von der Leyen can run, but can she also hide?

Angela Giuffrida | The Guardian
Giorgia Meloni ‘turning Italian broadcaster into megaphone for far right’

David Ignatius | The Washington Post
This defiant Ukrainian general has no smile — and surprising remarks on Trump

Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian
Liz Truss has kindly offered to ‘save the west’. But who will save her from her delusions?

Simon Jenkins | The Guardian
Britain has no business intervening in the war in Gaza. So why did it defend Israel against Iran?

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