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Dimanche, le 31 mars 2024

Nouvelles canadiennes

Non, vos œufs ne sont pas plus petits qu’avant

La Presse canadienne
Des publicités de poisson d’avril pourraient être conçues par l’IA

La Feuille d’érable
Nouvelles de l’Équipe de la Défense

Direction - Histoire et patrimoine
Dates significatives dans l’histoire militaire canadienne

CBC News
Family calls on Canadian government to help Fredericton man kidnapped in Congo

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

The Maple Leaf
Defence Team News

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Nouvelles internationales

Agence France-Presse
La Roumanie et la Bulgarie intègrent partiellement l’espace Schengen

Agence France-Presse
Chine-Japon : premier dialogue d’experts sur le rejet des eaux de Fukushima

CBC News
The Salton Sea in southern California is drying up

The Associated Press
Crews carefully start removing first piece of twisted steel from collapsed Baltimore bridge - More

BBC News
AT&T data breach: Millions of customers caught up in major dark web leak

ABC News
More than 20 million under flood watches on West Coast

CNN News
Hawaii is not covered by the NATO treaty. Some experts say that needs to change.

The Washington Post
AI hustlers stole women’s faces to put in ads. The law can’t help them.

Business Insider
About half of all senior congressional staffers are mulling an exit

CNN News
George Washington family secrets revealed by DNA from unmarked 19th century graves

ABC News
Two dead as single-engine plane crashes in Truckee, California

The Telegraph
Roscoe the robot dog takes the bullets instead of police during armed raid - More

The Telegraph
King Charles will attend church but skip Easter lunch - More

The Telegraph
BBC ‘abandons Christianity’ after dropping traditional Easter service broadcast

The Observer
DrugGPT: new AI tool could help doctors prescribe medicine in England

The Observer
Easter egg prices soar as cocoa crops are hit by climate crisis and exploitation

BBC News
Putin wants Berlin assassin Vadim Krasikov, but prisoner swap is murky

The Associated Press
Pope overcomes health concerns, presides over blustery Easter Sunday Mass - More

The New York Times
A Russian Defector’s Killing Raises Specter of Hit Squads

The Telegraph
Ukraine’s fresh existential threat – from the polling booths of the European Parliament elections

The Associated Press
France will deliver hundreds of armored vehicles to Ukraine, defense minister says

CNN News
Ukraine’s election day dawns with no vote in sight and little appetite for one

The Telegraph
‘Not exactly SAS standard’: The English traitors fighting for Putin

CNN News
Central Asian migrants face xenophobic backlash in Russia after Moscow terror attack

The Associated Press
Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry

The Telegraph
Once Africa’s world-class city, Johannesburg is decaying before residents’ eyes

BBC News
Turkish vote: Battle to run Istanbul becomes key to country's future

BBC News
Syria: Seven dead after car bomb tears through market in Azaz

The Observer
Starvation in Gaza likely key to UK legal advice on war crimes

Reuters News Agency
Gaza fisherman braves Israeli navy fire to support his family

The Observer
Israel alone? Allies’ fears grow over conduct – and legality – of war in Gaza

BBC News
Carnauba: The Brazilian farm workers exploited to harvest an everyday ingredient

The New York Times
On This Day: May 26 - BBC - This Day in Aviation

Commentaires internationaux

Simon Tisdall | The Observer
Isolated abroad, torn apart at home, Israel must face the future it dreads: a Palestinian state

CNN News | Tim Lister
How ISIS has Europe and the US in sights after deadly Moscow attack

Jean-Philippe Austin | The New York Times
Do Not Empower the Criminals in Haiti

Kathryn Bromwich | The Observer
What is it about us dinks (dual income, no kids) that so many people dislike?

Maureen Dowd | The New York Times
Donald Trump, Blasphemous Bible Thumper

Rhik Samadder | The Observer
Hours of fun: What’s the point of daylight savings?

Séamas O’Reilly | The Guardian
Playing pranks for April Fools’ Day is great fun…


Will Hutton | The Observer
The UK is trapped in a cycle of political, social and financial turmoil. But there is a way out…

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