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Canadian News

CBC News
Injured Ukrainian soldiers learn to ski in Whistler for Invictus Games

CBC News
Navalny death crushing for some Russians in Ottawa

CBC News
Westjet flight diverted to Winnipeg after passenger tried to open plane door

The Globe and Mail
Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton wanted to move to Canada and become Canadian

L’Ontario réduira les exigences environnementales pour certains projets d’infrastructure

L’Alberta connaîtra à l’automne sa part estimée du Régime de pensions du Canada

Canadian Commentary

Andrew Cohen | The Globe and Mail
With the warming of the Rideau Canal, we are at risk of losing another cherished winter tradition

Robyn Urback | The Globe and Mail
Doug Ford’s government of gimmicks presents its next schtick

Chris Alexander | The Globe and Mail
Ukraine is paying the price for our nonchalance toward Russia’s leadership

Lidiia Karpenko | The Globe and Mail
What Ukrainians are enduring is not normal. Don’t let our deaths become normal, too.

The Editorial Board | The Globe and Mail
Canada and the world can influence China, but not while wearing blinkers

John Rapley | The Globe and Mail
A harsh truth: The world economy never recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic

Carson Jerema | National Post
Privatize roads to Guilbeault-proof the country

Andrew Coyne | The Globe and Mail
Guilbeault’s right: The feds should get out of the road-building business

Conrad Black | National Post
The United Nations is contemptible

Konrad Yakabuski | Le Devoir
Le prix de la paix

François Brousseau | Radio-Canada
Navalny : mort d’un héros russe

Gérald Fillion | Radio-Canada
Le gouvernement Trudeau a-t-il perdu le contrôle de la dette?

International News

Reuters News Agency
Trump addresses supporters - More

The Washington Post
Hefty fines, penalties will rock Trump family’s business and fortune

The Observer
Letitia James: The New York state attorney general who brought down the Trump Organization

The New York Times
For Donald Trump, the Recriminations Will Be Televised

The Observer
Working from home can bring big health benefits, study finds - More

Reuters News Agency
Macron opens door to recognising Palestinian state

Reuters News Agency
Talk of European nuclear deterrent 'not helpful', says NATO's Stoltenberg

The Guardian
‘We need to stop moaning and whining about Trump,’ says Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Reuters News Agency
Former German spy chief founds new right-wing party

Reuters News Agency
Ukrainian troops withdraw from Avdiivka - More

The Observer
Volodymyr Zelenskiy pleads for more arms - More

Reuters News Agency
At least 212 people detained across Russia at rallies in memory of Navalny

Reuters News Agency
Navalny's supporters demand Russia hand over his body to the family

Reuters News Agency
Navalny's death leaves despair and apathy in Moscow

Reuters News Agency
Egypt scraps plan to restore cladding on one of three great pyramids of Giza

Reuters News Agency
Netanyahu halted Gaza truce talks over 'delusional' Hamas demands

The Guardian
Houthi attacks in Red Sea having a ‘catastrophic’ effect on aid to Sudan

The Guardian
Sudan armed forces advance in Omdurman

Reuters News Agency
Yemen's Houthis say they targeted oil tanker Pollux - More

Reuters News Agency
Iran unveils new air defense weaponry

Reuters News Agency
Thailand's billionaire ex-PM Thaksin freed on parole - More

The Guardian
China holds citizen on spying charges after she did ‘admin’ work for US company

The Guardian
Japan launches second flagship H3 rocket

The Observer
Japan to launch world’s first wooden satellite to combat space pollution

Reuters News Agency
Magnitude 5.0 earthquake shakes Acapulco

Le Figaro
Donald Trump condamné à près de 355 millions de dollars d'amende pour fraudes

Agence France-Presse
Mort de Navalny : le Royaume-Uni convoque les diplomates russes

Le Figaro
Grève SNCF : qu’est-il prévu pour les voyageurs dont le train a été annulé ce week-end ? - Plus

Le Figaro
Pourquoi l’hiver n’arrive-t-il pas à s’installer en France ? - Plus

Varsovie-Kiev, 17 h 49 : le retour au bercail des exilés

Agence France-Presse
Emmanuel Macron confirme qu’il ira en Ukraine « avant la mi-mars »

Agence France-Presse
Volodomyr Zelensky va rencontrer Kamala Harris à Munich

Agence France-Presse
Guerre Hamas-Israël : des milliers de manifestants à Madrid pour réclamer un cessez-le-feu

Le Figaro
Les troupes ukrainiennes se sont retirées de la ville d’Avdiivka

Le Figaro
Mort de Navalny : des hommages rendus à l’opposant russe à travers le monde - Plus

Agence France-Presse
Mort de Navalny : le corps de l’opposant n'est pas à la morgue indiquée par les autorités russes - Plus

Le Figaro
Poutine ne débattra pas avec les autres candidats à cause d’un emploi du temps « trop chargé »

Le Figaro
Maroc : la ville de Tan-Tan atteint les 36,6°C en février, du jamais vu depuis 1960

Agence France-Presse
Crise au Sénégal : après la décision de la Cour constitutionnelle, que va-t-il se passer ?

Agence France-Presse
L'aéroport de Goma, en RDC, touché par au moins une « bombe »

Agence France-Presse
Le chef du Hezbollah jure qu’Israël paiera « par le sang » le prix des civils tués au Liban

International Commentary

Simon Jenkins | The Guardian
Cancer is not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a ‘war’

Sidney Blumenthal | The Guardian
Trump’s hubris has brought about the downfall of his family’s business empire

Jeffrey Toobin | The New York Review
Circuit Breakers: Judges on the Fifth Circuit

Simon Tisdall | The Guardian
Alexei Navalny was brave enough to mock Putin’s absurd tyranny. Is it any wonder he is dead?

Serge Schmemann | The New York Times
Navalny Challenged Russians to ‘Live Not by Lies’

Max Boot | The Washington Post
The best way to avenge Navalny

Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times
What Feckless Americans Can Learn From Navalny’s Bravery

Anna Nemtsova | The Atlantic
Alexei Navalny’s Last Laugh

Maureen Dowd | The New York Times
The Florida Fraudster and the Russian ‘Killer’

Editorial | The Observer
Putin must be shown he can’t kill with impunity

Ross Douthat | The New York Times
The Best Case for Ukraine Aid

Simon Tisdall | The Guardian
Poland is again threatened by a tyrant. This time, Europe must not look away.

Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian
Those who attack Jews in the UK are not striking a blow for Palestine

Jérôme Tubiana and Joshua Craze | The New York Review
Darfur: The New Massacres

Alex Hannaford | The Observer
Jamal Khashoggi’s widow on their life and his death

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