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Nouvelles canadiennes

La Feuille d’érable
Nouvelles de l’Équipe de la Défense

Direction - Histoire et patrimoine
Dates significatives dans l’histoire militaire canadienne

The Canadian Press
Woman told friend she slept with 'a senior officer,' trial of retired vice-admiral hears

CBC News
Veterans Affairs worried about blowback after it rejected Afghan memorial design

CBC News
Montreal man charged with uttering death threats against Trudeau

CBC News
Human trafficking victim says he was forced to target Canadians in crypto investment scam

CBC News
Snow sports at B.C. Winter Games cancelled because there's no snow

CBC News
How does this week's N.S. snowstorm compare to White Juan and other recent winter wallops?

CBC News
Danielle Smith holds meetings on Capitol Hill, weighs in on Canada-U.S. issues

The Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch

The Maple Leaf
Defence Team News

Directorate of History and Heritage
Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

Commentaires canadiens

Bhagwant Sandhu | The Hill Times
What a Poilievre government might look like

Nouvelles internationales

Agence de presse Reuters
Zelensky remplace le chef d'état-major de l'armée

Agence de presse Reuters
Situation « très difficile » à Avdiivka

Agence de presse Reuters
Poutine et Xi rejettent toute ingérence et saluent leur coopération

Agence de presse Reuters
La police brésilienne va confisquer le passeport de Bolsonaro

The Associated Press
Storms dump heavy snowfall in northern Arizona after leaving California a muddy mess

BBC News
Chocolate: Cocoa price hits record high as El Niño hurts crops

Reuters News Agency
Spirit AeroSystems to ramp up robotics to reduce 737 fuselage problems

ABC News
JetBlue planes clip one another at Boston Logan Airport

The Associated Press
FCC outlaws AI-generated voices in robocalls

Reuters News Agency
Trump wins Nevada, Virgin Islands to close in on Republican nomination - More

ABC News
Trump calls Supreme Court's 14th Amendment hearing 'a very beautiful process'

The Huffington Post
‘Completely Deranged’: CNN Fact-Checker Shreds Trump’s New 'Bonkers Nonsense’

ABC News
Jack Smith says Trump and co-defendants 'will stop at nothing' to delay classified docs trial

CNN News
Rand Paul vows to drag out Senate effort to pass $95 billion foreign aid package

ABC News
Judge denies Peter Navarro's request to remain free while he appeals contempt conviction

ABC News
OceanGate battled with employee years before fatal Titan submersible implosion

The Associated Press
Americans left the British crown behind centuries ago. Why are they still so fascinated by royalty?

ABC News
Harry's visit with King, absence of William sparks reconciliation questions - More

Reuters News Agency
Prince Harry accepts substantial damages to settle Mirror Group case

The Associated Press
Migrants from Africa and Middle East who died in Bosnia get marble headstones and a memorial

Reuters News Agency
Baltic, Nordic lawmakers complain that US lacks urgency on Ukraine aid

Reuters News Agency
Five facts about Oleksandr Syrskyi, Ukraine's new army chief

Reuters News Agency
Putin tells Tucker Carlson Russia has no interest in attacking Poland or Latvia - More

The Guardian
Putin tells Tucker Carlson the US ‘needs to stop supplying weapons’ to Ukraine - More

The Guardian
Biden criticises Israel military campaign in Gaza as ‘over the top’

CBC News
With or without a ceasefire, Palestinians fear Israel's economic chokehold won't end

Reuters News Agency
US confronts dangers from 'not very good' Iran-backed militants

Reuters News Agency
With over half the seats counted, Imran Khan's supporters lead in Pakistan polls - More

BBC News
Is a waning Canadian dream fuelling reverse migration in Punjab?

Reuters News Agency
Malaysia's top court strikes out some Islamic laws in landmark case

Reuters News Agency
China's New Year travel rush kicks into high gear, country adds record number of trains

Reuters News Agency
Net tightens on Bolsonaro as police seize passport in coup probe

Reuters News Agency
El Salvador launches mass trial for nearly 500 accused gang leaders - More

The Associated Press
Official says police in Haiti killed five armed environmental protection agents during ongoing protests

ABC News
Staff members at Bahamas resort arrested for drugging, assaulting two American women

Reuters News Agency
Pemex platform in Mexico leaked clouds of methane even after UN alert, data shows

The New York Times
On This Day: April 21 - BBC - This Day in Aviation

Commentaires internationaux

Nina Jankowicz | Foreign Affairs
The Coming Flood of Disinformation: How Washington Gave Up on the Fight Against Falsehoods

Dan Sabbagh | The Guardian
Unclear how Zelenskiy’s removal of military commander will improve Ukraine’s position

Mark Leibovich | The Atlantic
The Validation Brigade Salutes Trump

David Brooks | The New York Times
Trump Came for Their Party but Took Over Their Souls

David French | The New York Times
Why MAGA Loves Russia and Hates Ukraine

Frida Ghitis | CNN News
MAGA’s gift to Putin

Paul Krugman | The New York Times
Can America Survive a Party of Saboteurs?

Jonathan Chait | Intelligencer
Republicans Killed the Border Deal to Help Trump. Now They Need a Reason.

Jamelle Bouie | The New York Times
Trump’s Fever Dream of Immunity Meets Its Match

Helen Lewis | The Atlantic
Biden’s Age Is Now Unavoidable

Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern | Slate
The Supreme Court Sure Picked a Curious Moment to Embrace Humility

Toby Matthiesen | Foreign Affairs
How Gaza Reunited the Middle East

Aluf Benn | Foreign Affairs
Israel’s Self-Destruction: Netanyahu, the Palestinians, and the Price of Neglect

William J. Burns | Foreign Affairs
Spycraft and Statecraft: Transforming the CIA for an Age of Competition

Timothy McLaughlin | The Atlantic
Hong Kong Is Self-Destructing

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