Joint Staff Operations Programme

The Joint Staff Operations Programme (JSOP) is a programme for captains, naval lieutenants, majors, and lieutenant-commanders who are, or will be, employed for the first time at operational- or strategic-level headquarters.

The aim of the JSOP is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to function as junior staff officers at a joint, or joint and combined, headquarters at the operational level.

The Strategic Joint Staff, through J7 Training, determines training requirements and priorities across the Canadian Forces. Priority is given to operational-level headquarters positions. Typically, two serials of 60 participants each is run every fall. A programme solicitation message is promulgated in a CANFORGEN each year. The Military Individual Training and Education System is used for nomination and loading. Individuals should contact their area- or operational-level J7 in order to be considered for this training opportunity.

JSOP is offered to individuals from other government departments and allied military forces.

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