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Saturday, 18 November 2023  - Some links might have expired.

Canadian News

Global News
Veteran-led lawsuit against feds could mean multi-million-dollar payout

CBC Radio
Paying ransom for data stolen in cyberattack bankrolls further crime, experts caution

The Canadian Press
Still little clarity on when Canadians stuck in Gaza will be able to leave

CBC News
Toronto cuts vacuum leaf collection service to save $2.3M

CBC News
'Queen of Canada' Romana Didulo and her followers leave Sask. village school

La Presse canadienne
L’atteinte d’une stabilité au Proche-Orient rendue « plus difficile », selon Trudeau

Une turbine marémotrice d’une entreprise en faillite s’échoue en Nouvelle-Écosse

Canadian Commentary

Aaron Wherry | CBC News
Justin Trudeau is struggling to walk a very fine line on the Israel-Hamas war

Adam Zivo | National Post
It turns out it was one Michael and another Michael

Susan Pinker | The Globe and Mail
Can you experience PTSD from watching war from afar?

Tristin Hopper | National Post
'Do you really need your house heated?' Inside the thoughts of Canada’s cost of living.

Conrad Black | National Post
Thomas Friedman pretends to be very scared of Israel's Netanyahu - More

International News

Reuters News Agency
Colorado judge finds Trump engaged in 'insurrection' but allows him on ballot

The Atlantic
Another ‘Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly’ for SpaceX Starship - More - More - More

The New York Times
SpaceX Makes Progress in Second Launch of Giant Moon and Mars Rocket

Reuters News Agency
Elon Musk says X to file 'thermonuclear' lawsuit against media watchdog

ABC News
Rosalynn Carter has entered hospice care at home

ABC News
Thanksgiving week storm threatens cross-country holiday travel

The New York Times
Where the 9/11 Dead Are Not Forgotten at Guantánamo Bay

The Observer
Mustafa Nayyem: The man who sparked the Maidan revolution

Reuters News Agency
Liberia President George Weah concedes election defeat to Joseph Boakai

Reuters News Agency
Muslim rescuer says Israel kibbutz bloodshed caused by attackers' hate

CBC News
As Israel airlifts wounded soldiers out of Gaza, Palestinians have nowhere to go

Reuters News Agency
Israeli air strikes kill 32 in south Gaza

ABC News
US considering tactical recovery plans for hostages in Gaza

The Observer
Israeli airstrikes kill 80 in Palestinian refugee camp

CBC News
The challenges of counting the dead in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war

ABC News
War stories from children caught in the middle of the Israel-Hamas conflict

Reuters News Agency
Rescuers in India tunnel collapse begin replacing drilling machine on 7th day

Reuters News Agency
South Korea to ban eating dogs

BBC News
Chinese navy used sonar pulses against divers, Australia says

Agence de presse Reuters
Deuxième vol d'essai pour le Starship de SpaceX, sept mois après son explosion

Appel à l’aide du Deep Space Network de la NASA

Agence de presse Reuters
Un juge new-yorkais rejette la tentative de Trump d'annuler son procès pour fraude

Agence de presse Reuters
Le directeur général d'OpenAI, Sam Altman, démis de ses fonctions

Agence France-Presse
Sam Altman, le patron d’OpenAI et créateur de ChatGPT, est renvoyé

Agence de presse Reuters
Musk cible une ONG après le retrait de publicités sur X

Agence de presse Reuters
Le sénateur Joël Guerriau, soupçonné d'avoir drogué à son insu une députée, mis en examen

Agence de presse Reuters
Libéria : George Weah concède sa défaite à l'élection présidentielle

Agence de presse Reuters
Israël autorise l'entrée partielle de carburant à Gaza - Plus

Agence de presse Reuters
Israël frappe le sud de Gaza, exhorte les civils à évacuer

Agence de presse Reuters
Plus de 12.000 morts à Gaza depuis le 7 octobre, dit le gouvernement du Hamas

Quand la propagande chinoise infiltre les temples de Taïwan

« Les étoiles commencent à s’aligner » en Haïti, dit le nouvel ambassadeur canadien

International Commentary

Joe Biden | The Washington Post
The U.S. won’t back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas

Eric Schmitt, Ronen Bergman and Adam Goldman | The New York Times
Is Israel’s Military Strategy to Eradicate Hamas Working?

Simon Tisdall | The Observer
Netanyahu is a liability for Biden. Peace is impossible until he goes.

Ross Douthat | The New York Times
Can Nikki Haley Beat Trump?

Tomiwa Owolade | The Observer
Much as it galls the French, English has become Europe’s cultural lingua franca

Philip Bump | The Washington Post
New Hampshire shows how deeply rooted Trump’s fraud lies are

Liza Mundy | The Atlantic
The Women Who Saw 9/11 Coming

Maureen Dowd | The New York Times
The Axe Is Sharp

George Monbiot | The Observer
A cocktail of toxins is poisoning our fields. Its effect on humans? Nobody can tell us.

Alda Sigmundsdóttir | The Washington Post
Icelanders are no strangers to volcanoes. But we know this time is different.

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