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The Associated Press
US airman charged in Syria base blast that injured troops

The Associated Press
Alex Jones ordered to pay over $4M in damages to Sandy Hook parents

ABC News
Biden administration to declare monkeypox a public health emergency

Reuters News Agency
NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg: Ukraine war is Europe's most dangerous time since WW II

Aviation Week Network
South Korea’s FA-50 To Succeed Poland’s Soviet-Era Combat Aircraft - More

The Associated Press
Pope promotes Vatican nurse credited with saving his life

Reuters News Agency
Ukraine under pressure in east - More

BBC News
Sleep is nearly impossible in Ukraine’s relentlessly bombed Mykolaiv

The New York Times
Ukraine Builds a Case That Killing of P.O.W.s Was a Russian War Crime

CBC Sports
Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison on drug charges

Reuters News Agency
U.N. experts say Rwanda has intervened militarily in eastern Congo

Reuters News Agency
South Africa reports first death causally linked to COVID vaccine

Reuters News Agency
Saudi, UAE save oil firepower in case of winter supply crisis

Reuters News Agency
Taliban says was not aware al-Qaeda leader in Kabul, warns U.S.

The Associated Press
A ‘knife bomb’ may have killed al-Zawahri - More - More

Reuters News Agency
Kremlin calls for restraint from Azerbaijan, Armenia over Karabakh fighting

The Associated Press
Pelosi's visit inflamed tensions between China, Taiwan that go back 70 years

The Guardian
Taiwan says ‘defence systems activated’ after Chinese missiles fired into Taiwan strait - More

Reuters News Agency
USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group Conducting Operations in Philippine Sea

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