SOMNIA - Pleins feux sur les nouvelles militaires

Lundi, le 25 mai 2020  - Quelques liens sont périmés.

Nouvelles canadiennes

The Hill Times
Defence spending likely to face post-COVID cuts, military experts say

CBC News
NATO battlegroup in Latvia targeted by pandemic disinformation campaign

The Chronicle Herald
Hundreds line Halifax streets for Capt. Jenn Casey

CBC News
Meng Wanzhou poses ahead of momentous court decision

The Globe and Mail
Trudeau says Ottawa undecided on whether to block Huawei from 5G networks

Global News
Ontario sees highest case jump since May 8

CBC News
Why reopening Montreal is a riskier bet than Legault is letting on

CBC News
Here's what needs to happen before we can all get vaccinated for COVID-19

CBC News
Pandemic drives demands for universal affordable internet and cell plans

The Canadian Press
MPs set to meet to decide on resuming Parliament

The Globe and Mail
It’s peak season for another infectious disease awaiting Canadians in parks and campgrounds

Reuters News Agency
Russian prosecutors request U.S.-Canadian citizen Paul Whelan serve 18 years in spying case

Commentaires canadiens

Christian Leuprecht | The Globe and Mail
Canada must divide its military resources along foreign and domestic lines

James Bezana and Leona Alleslev | The Hill Times
World of ‘Strong, Secure, Engaged’ no longer exists - SSE

Denis Thompson | The Hill Times
Canadian Armed Forces respond to COVID-19

Robyn Urback | TThe Globe and Mail
Quarantine was supposed to buy Ontario time. The province squandered it.

Campbell Clark | The Globe and Mail
Trudeau and Scheer apply for wage subsidies, and make it look shifty

Kathryn May | The Ottawa Citizen
How COVID-19 could reshape Canada's federal public service

Jaason Geerts | The Globe and Mail
Our current approach to COVID-19 won’t work as well for a second wave

Jane Gerster | Global News
N.S. mass shooting ‘completely senseless,’ Mounties said. Experts disagree.

Don Pittis | CBC News
COVID-19 may be the catalyst of a painful but useful economic transformation

Erika Simpson | The Hill Times
After the Great Lockdown, far-sighted global cooperation will be heralded and lauded as wise

Brig.-Gen. Fritz Urbach | The Hill Times
EU and Canada: Partners for transatlantic security

Walter Dorn and Robin Collins | The Hill Times
UN peacekeeping works but Canada’s contribution falls to all-time low

Terry Glavin | Maclean’s
The fight for a free Hong Kong isn't over just because Canada wants no part of it

The Editorial Board | The Globe and Mail
Canada, and the world, must stand up to China’s latest attack on Hong Kong

Nouvelles internationales

Navy’s COVID-19 Hospital Ship Missions and the Future of Medicine at Sea

Agence France-Presse
Rocketman (and woman): Elon and Gwynne, the pair who made SpaceX

The Associated Press
Branson’s Virgin Orbit fails on first rocket launch attempt

The Associated Press
Vehicle theft spikes in COVID-19 pandemic

Reuters News Agency
U.S. marks hushed Memorial Day holiday - More

The Associated Press
A Memorial Day visit, altered but not stopped

The Guardian
Trump spends Memorial Day weekend golfing and insulting female politicians - More

New York Magazine
How Trump Spent His Holiday Weekend

NBC News
Trump claims he's no longer taking hydroxychloroquine - More

The Washington Post
As Trump removes federal watchdogs, some loyalists replacing them have ‘preposterous’ conflicts

Joe Scarborough Murder Conspiracy Theory Explained

Trump Threatens to Pull RNC 2020 From North Carolina

The Associated Press
Crowds cram beaches across U.S. - More

The Associated Press
US Muslims try to balance Eid rituals with virus concerns

The Associated Press
2020 Watch: Differing views on remaking post-virus economy

Agence France-Presse
Boris Johnson backs key aide over lockdown breach claims - More

The Guardian
Dominic Cummings refuses to resign or apologise for lockdown breach - More

Reuters News Agency
'What planet are they on?' No respite for Boris Johnson and aide

The Sydney Morning Herald
UK reviews Huawei decision in the wake of coronavirus pandemic - More

Reuters News Agency
France has lowest daily rise in new coronavirus cases and deaths since lockdown

The Associated Press
Dutch coronavirus outbreak spreads to Germany

The Associated Press
EU’s top diplomat urges ‘more robust strategy’ toward China

Reuters News Agency
WHO pauses trial of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients due to safety concerns

Reuters News Agency
WHO warns of 'second peak' in areas where COVID-19 declining

Reuters News Agency
Latvia to launch Google-Apple friendly coronavirus contact tracing app - More

Agence France-Presse
Moscow espionage trial of ex-US marine Paul Whelan to wrap up

UN: Libyan coastguard detains hundreds of migrants

Hundreds more Russian mercenaries flee western Libya

Agence France-Presse
Afghan president to release up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners after ceasefire offer

The Associated Press
Muslims in India, Bangladesh celebrate Eid subdued by virus

Agence France-Presse
China space programme targets July launch for Mars mission

South China Morning Post
Wealthy Chinese families have lost desire for overseas schooling and investing

South China Morning Post
Will calls for more ‘wolf warriors’ leave China’s diplomats feeling sheepish?

South China Morning Post
HKBA questions Beijing’s legal power to enact national security law

NBC News
China warns U.S. taking world to brink of 'new Cold War' over coronavirus

Huawei’s Nightmare Week Is About to Get Much Worse

CBC News
Japan lifts coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, all other remaining areas

Reuters News Agency
Earthquake rattles New Zealand for the second time in 48 hours

Commentaires Internationaux

William M. Arkin | McClatchy Newspapers
The Military Hasn't Saved Us From Pandemic—Nor Should It

Marina Koren | The Atlantic
The Astronaut Wives Know Exactly What to Expect

Hugh Hewitt | The Washington Post
U.S. cybersecurity deficiencies can no longer be ignored

Tom Nichols | The Atlantic
Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

Paul Waldman | The Washington Post
Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president?

Max Boot | The Washington Post
Trump’s ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ campaign rolls on

Eugene Robinson | The Washington Post
An indelible image of this pandemic: Trump, without a mask, on a golf course

Erik Edstrom | NBC News
On Memorial Day veterans count who we've lost

Jackson Diehl | The Washington Post
The nutrition crisis of covid-19 will be even worse than the disease

Cliff Buddle | South China Morning Post
Can we trust that Beijing’s security law will target Hong Kong’s violent minority only?

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