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Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

Andrea Charron and James Fergusson | Canadian Global Affairs Institute
Rediscovering the Cost of Deterrence

Lubomyr Luciuk | The Chronicle Herald
Scott Taylor's interpretation of 'Nazi collaborators' could be more nuanced

Scott Taylor | The Chronicle Herald
Time definitely on the side of the Taliban

Alex McColl | The Chronicle Herald
Evasive manoeuvres on defence spending

Neil Macdonald | CBC News
The campaign is a hologram — make-believe tensions over minuscule differences

John Robson | National Post
Here are the questions that would get me kicked off the federal leaders' planes

Aaron Wherry | CBC News
Fighting climate change is not like fighting a war. It's harder.

Matt Gurney | National Post
A report on abuse by Canadian peacekeepers in Haiti reveals a national disgrace

Terry Glavin | National Post
What was a Canadian Labour Congress official doing in Syria?

Saša Petricic | CBC News
Is there a way out for Hong Kong?

Thomas Daigle | CBC News
Attack on Saudi oil facilities highlights danger of 'kamikaze' drones

Richard Kurland | CBC News
Scamming your way into Canada is easy. The fix is easy too.

Neil Macdonald | CBC News
Owning a dog means playing God. It's a role no human wants to play.

International News

Bloomberg News
Powell Stresses Solid U.S. Outlook After Fed Cuts Rates Again

Reuters News Agency
State Department warns U.S. citizens over traveling to Saudi Arabia - More

The Associated Press
Trump selects Robert O'Brien to be his next national security adviser

The Washington Post
Trump’s interaction with foreign leader said part of controversial whistleblower complaint

Reuters News Agency
U.S. seeks U.N. action on Saudi attacks despite likely Russian opposition

The Associated Press
Michigan warns about mosquito-borne virus after three deaths

Bloomberg News
The Simple Strategy Fueling the Rise of Bill Gates’s Fortune

Reuters News Agency
Britain to investigate $5 billion U.S. takeover of defense firm Cobham - More - More

Reuters News Agency
No deal Brexit 'a big significant risk', says Nicola Sturgeon

Bloomberg News
The Political Will to Avert a No-Deal Brexit Is Ebbing Fast

The Guardian
Brexit: Supreme court resumes hearing

BBC News
Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Michel Barnier

Reuters News Agency
Risk of no-deal Brexit 'very real', Jean-Claude Juncker says

Bloomberg News
Will Brexit Trigger the Nation’s Next Civil War?

The Guardian
Documentary follows Pastafarians as they strain for recognition

Reuters News Agency
Scientists release genetically altered mosquitoes to fight malaria

CBC News
Bibi or not to be? Israeli voters wait to see if Netanyahu survived another close vote.

The Washington Post
Trump appears to give Netanyahu the cold shoulder

BBC News
Israel's election: Why it matters

Reuters News Agency
Oil steadies after Saudi pledges to restore output lost in attacks - More

Bloomberg News
Saudis Keep Oil Flowing as They Patch Up Wounded Industry

The Washington Post
Who buys Saudi Arabia’s oil?

Reuters News Agency
Mohammed bin Salman requests help from South Korea to strengthen air defenses

Reuters News Agency
Saudi Arabia promises 'material evidence' linking Iran to oil attack - More

Bloomberg News
Saudi Arabia Still Doesn’t Know Launch Site for Oil Attacks

Reuters News Agency
Trump increases sanctions on Iran

Reuters News Agency
Hassan Rouhani blames U.S., Saudi for conflict in region

Reuters News Agency
Iran tells U.S.: Response to any attack 'won't be limited to its source' - More

Reuters News Agency
Afghan president Ashraf Ghani sees his chance after collapse of U.S.-Taliban talks

Reuters News Agency
Indonesia to publish final report on Lion Air crash in November

The Associated Press
China’s National Day fireworks cancelled in Hong Kong

Agence France-Presse
Hong Kong's summer of protests leaves economy bruised and battered

Agence France-Presse
Tree-planting to offset carbon emissions is no cure-all

Nouvelles Radio-Canada
Trump choisit le négociateur Robert O'Brien comme conseiller à la sécurité nationale

Agence de Presse Reuters
Le risque d'un « hard Brexit » est bien réel, juge Jean-Claude Juncker

La Libre
L’ambition climatique internationale fait cruellement défaut, déplore l’ONU

Agence France-Presse
Nétanyahou dans l'incapacité de former un gouvernement

Agence de Presse Reuters
La production d'Aramco de retour à la normale plus vite que prévu

Agence de Presse Reuters
Attaques de drones : La France va envoyer des experts en Arabie

Agence de Presse Reuters
Les attaques contre Aramco venaient d'Iran, selon des responsables US

Agence de Presse Reuters
Attaque d'Aramco : Ryad parle d'un « test réel de la détermination mondiale »

Agence de Presse Reuters
L'attaque contre l'Arabie saoudite est « un avertissement » déclare Hassan Rohani - Plus

Agence France-Presse
Attaques sur l'Arabie : l'Iran a écrit à Washington et dément tout lien

Agence France-Presse
Planter des arbres pour compenser son CO2 : une solution pas si miraculeuse

Agence France-Presse
Venezuela : le N° 2 du Parlement libéré après négociations - Plus

International Commentary

Dana Milbank | The Washington Post
Correction: Trump never said all those things you heard him say

Max Boot | The Washington Post
In his showdown with Iran, Trump blinks

Jonathan Chait | New York Magazine
Trump’s Bizarre Argument for Defending Saudi Arabia

Eli Lake | Bloomberg News
Robert O’Brien, Trump’s Replacement for Bolton, Is Also a Hawk

Ted Galen Carpenter | The Washington Post
What’s really undermining NATO? Europe’s yearning for neutrality.

Michael R. Bloomberg | Bloomberg Magazine
Democracy Requires Discomfort: Agreeing to Disagree Is a Civic Virtue.

Bobby Ghosh | Bloomberg Opinion
To Build a New Sudan, Take it Off the U.S. Terror List

Leonid Bershidsky | Bloomberg Opinion
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy Can’t Afford to Fail His Oligarch Test

David Wallace-Wells | New York Magazine
It’s Greta’s World

Lili Loofbourow | Slate
The GOP May One Day Regret Brett Kavanaugh

Quinta Jurecic | The Atlantic
Why the Kavanaugh Confirmation Still Haunts Us

Ashwin Phatak | Slate
William Barr’s Radical New Attempt to Block the Full Mueller Report

Editorial Board | The Washington Post
Netanyahu’s defeat would be good news for Israel — and the United States

Paul Farhi | The Washington Post
Corey Lewandowski tells the truth (gasp!) about lying to the news media

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