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Friday, 8 February 2019  - Some links have expired.

Canadian News

The Canadian Press
Alberta soldier charged with sexual assault of civilian after complaint

Two RCMP officers make up Mali policing arm that pledged up to 20

CBC News
Social engineering is the new method of choice for hackers

CBC News
Cyber security expert briefs parties on protecting themselves during election campaign - More

CBC News
Ireland didn't have a proper ice hockey rink — then some Canadians got involved

CBC News
Two Canadian women with children surrender to U.S.-backed forces in ISIS-held Syrian territory

CBC News
Quebec City mosque shooter sentenced to at least 40 years in prison - More

The Canadian Press
Federal public prosecutor asks court to toss out SNC-Lavalin request for deal - More

National Post
Billions at stake for SNC-Lavalin — corruption conviction would bar firm from federal contracts for 10 years

The Canadian Press
If China orders international students home, some Canadian schools face money trouble

Canadian Commentary

Robert Fulford | National Post
The strange but real success of theocratic Iran

Jennifer Quaid and Emilie Taman | The Globe and Mail
The SNC-Lavalin revelations, if true, show we are not a country bound by the rule of law

Chris Selley | National Post
Tale of prosecutorial interference a mortal threat to the Trudeau brand

Paul Wells | Maclean’s
For a commission of inquiry into SNC-Lavalin and the Prime Minister’s Office

Arthur Cockfield | The Globe and Mail
The high price of Chinese money laundering in Canada

David Bercuson | National Post
Fear of China is what killed this Cold War treaty

Marcus Kolga | The Globe and Mail
Canada’s plan to counter foreign interference is a good start, but the work’s not done

Lisa Van Dusen | The Ottawa Citizen
Trump’s real State of the Union message – I'm still here, suckers

International Commentary

Uri Friedman | The Atlantic
South Korea Becomes a Testing Ground for Trump’s Grievances With Allies

Richard Parker | The Atlantic
Why the Wall Will Never Rise: Trump is no match for the Texas border barons.

Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post
Not a single brick for his wall: Trump faces defeat

Ed Kilgore | New York Magazine
Trump Quietly Laying Groundwork for Massive Surrender on Border Wall

Paul Waldman | The Washington Post
Whitaker hearing confirms it: On Mueller probe, Democrats have already won

Amanda Mull |The Atlantic
Why Do Smart People Send Nudes?

John Cassidy | The New Yorker
Why the National Enquirer’s Attempt to Extort Jeff Bezos Backfired

Oh Young-jin | The Korea Times
Trump right on spot on North Korea

Jonathan Chait | New York Magazine
New Proof the Trump Tax Cuts Are Doing the Exact Opposite of What They Promised

Anakwa Dwamena | The New Yorker
The Historical Precedents of the Current Uprising in Sudan

International News

NBC News
Trump declared to be in 'very good health' after annual physical - More - More - More

The Independent
Trump says one of America’s greatest accomplishments is the ‘abolition of civil rights’

The Associated Press
Border security deal seems near, easing shutdown concerns - More

The Associated Press
Trump plays on immigration myths

The Associated Press
ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants

The Associated Press
After day of drama, Whitaker prepares to face Congress

The Daily Beast
Frank Figliuzzi: I’ve Interviewed Terrorists More Cooperative Than Whitaker

ABC News
Trump campaign paid legal fees to firm representing Jared Kushner

The Washington Post
From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years

ABC News
Kellyanne Conway says a woman assaulted her at Maryland restaurant

The Associated Press
Ex-Navy captain sentenced in sweeping corruption case

The Associated Press
British, Irish leaders to meet amid Brexit tensions

Reuters News Agency
Irish prime minister says Brexit deal 'can be done'

The Associated Press
Political ambitions reveal cracks in yellow vest movement

Reuters News Agency
After years of stalling, Greece oks Macedonia in NATO

The New York Times
A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader

Reuters News Agency
Sudanese forces fire tear gas at Khartoum mosque

Reuters News Agency
Sahel Islamist groups' networking skills growing: security report

The Associated Press
UN expert: Saudis held another hearing in Khashoggi probe

Agence France-Presse
US pressed on Khashoggi amid report Saudi prince threatened 'bullet'

Reuters News Agency
Saudi-led coalition in Yemen launches a targeting operation in Sana’a

Reuters News Agency
Long a spoiler, Pakistan starts behind-scenes aid to U.S.-Taliban talks

Agence France-Presse
Thai princess makes unprecedented move into politics with run for PM - More

South China Morning Post
Beijing sends fleet of ships to disputed South China Sea island ‘to stop Philippines building facilities’

South China Morning Post
US shift on South China Sea ‘grey zone’ aggression signals stronger response

Reuters News Agency
Trump says his meeting with North Korea's Kim will be held in Hanoi

Reuters News Agency
No sign of progress in three days of talks to prepare second U.S.-North Korea summit

The Associated Press
World shares mixed after Trump says no plans for Xi meeting

South China Morning Post
US-China trade war could slash almost 1 million jobs from the US economy

South China Morning Post
Are Trump, Xi and Moon all just keeping up with the Kims?

The Korea Times
US demands North Korea reveal names of ICBM experts

Agence France-Presse
Australia using new decryption powers even before planned review

CBC News
Hunger hits hard in Venezuela

Reuters News Agency
Venezuela's Maduro spurns U.S. aid, rival warns military not to block it

Reuters News Agency
U.S. in direct contact with Venezuelan military, urging defections

Agence France-Presse
Jeff Bezos accuse le tabloïde National Enquirer de chantage

Agence France-Presse
La fonte des calottes glaciaires pourrait provoquer un « chaos » climatique

Belga News
Une campagne de la Croix-Rouge dénonce le risque « croissant » de recours à l'arme nucléaire

Agence France-Presse
Khashoggi : nouvelles révélations embarrassantes pour le prince saoudien

Agence France-Presse
L'Iran célèbre les 40 ans de la victoire de sa Révolution islamique

Agence France-Presse
La « décade de l'Aurore » : les dix jours qui ont fait basculer l'Iran

Agence France-Presse
Thaïlande : la soeur du roi candidate au poste de Premier ministre, un séisme dans le royaume

Agence France-Presse
Venezuela : « Comment lutter avec la faim au ventre ? », dénonce un chaviste

The Associated Press
Des milliers de manifestants réclament la démission du président haïtien


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