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Saturday, 3 November 2018  - Some links have expired.

Canadian News

Canadian Commentary

J.L. Granatstein | Maclean’s
How Canada fought its last battle in the First World War - More - More

Rosie DiManno | The Toronto Star
Bannon vs. Frum at Toronto debate generates sound and fury

Editorial | National Post
Maybe Adrienne Clarkson's worth every penny

Lauren Markham | The Globe and Mail
Trump’s bluster won’t stop the caravans from coming

Lawrence Martin | The Globe and Mail
Seven takeaways from a tumultuous midterm campaign

Kelly McParland | National Post
A quick inventory of the billionaires running U.S. politics

Douglas Frantz | The Globe and Mail
Is Trump driving the U.S. toward the brink of fascism?

Editorial | The Globe and Mail
The only crisis in America today is the hateful demagoguery of Donald Trump

Robert Fulford | National Post
We thought anti-Semitism was finished. We were wrong.

Robert Muggah | The Globe and Mail
Brazil took a hard turn to the right. Now what?

Christine Sismondo | Maclean’s
Why the 2018 U.S. midterms will be historic, important—and probably unsurprising

Stephen Marche | The Walrus
America’s Next Civil War

Robert Lewis | The Walrus
Enemies of the State: How the media and politicians became adversaries

Aaron Hutchins | Maclean’s
Your mall is watching you

Elizabeth Renzetti | The Globe and Mail
Follow the Google protesters, they’re on the right path

Chris Bailey | The Globe and Mail
Time management isn’t the problem – our attention span is

International Commentary

Dana Milbank | The Washington Post
We have no excuses now. Our eyes are wide open.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan | The Washington Post
Saudi Arabia still has many questions to answer about Jamal Khashoggi’s killing

Colbert I. King | The Washington Post
Trump says nothing in the face of Saudi Arabia’s outrageous lies

Hassan Hassan | The Atlantic
The Arab Winter Is Coming

Elizabeth Preston and Undark | The Atlantic
The Case for Treating Climate Change As a Joke - Video

International News

The Virginian-Pilot
Marine headquarters in Norfolk evacuated due to suspicious package

United Press International
U.S. Special Operations Command to get four MH-47G helicopters

The Virginian-Pilot
Navy Seabees benefit from civilian training

The Associated Press
Experts question military's presence at U.S.-Mexico border

The Washington Post
Trump’s border deployments could cost $200 million by end of 2018

The Washington Post
U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

Reuters News Agency
Obama warns against fear, Trump touts economy on campaign trail

The New York Times
Michael Cohen says Trump told him ‘Black people are too stupid to vote for me’ - More

Vanity Fair
The Mooch Explains Why Trump Will Win in 2020

The Atlantic
Roger Stone’s Shifting Story Is a Liability

The Washington Post
The Making of Britt McHenry

Reuters News Agency
Berkshire Hathaway doubles profit, repurchases $900 million stock in third quarter

Reuters News Agency
Irish PM says Brexit has undermined Good Friday Agreement

NBC News
Mount Etna is sliding into the sea - More

Reuters News Agency
MiG-29M crashes in Egypt - Photo

The New York Times
Nigerian Army Uses Trump’s Words to Justify Fatal Shooting of Rock-Throwing Protesters

The Times of Israel
How George Soros became the target of both anti-Semites and right-wing Jews

United Press International
Boeing contracted for sustainment of Saudi F-15s

Reuters News Agency
U.S. allows eight importers to keep buying Iran oil for now

Reuters News Agency
IranAir looking for planes not needing U.S. sales permit

Reuters News Agency
Iran starts producing homemade fighter jet for its air force - More - More

Reuters News Agency
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the world opposes Trump's decisions

The Washington Post
U.S. service member killed in insider attack in Afghanistan - More

Reuters News Agency
Afghan Shi'ite militia battles Taliban, raising sectarian fears

Reuters News Agency
Russia to host talks with Afghan leaders, Taliban delegation

Reuters News Agency
Senior Indonesian rescue diver dies in Lion Air crash search

Reuters News Agency
Trump says 'I think we'll make a deal with China' on trade

Reuters News Agency
Chinese chip firm Fujian Jinhua denies stealing IP from Micron

The Associated Press
N. Korea threatens to resume nuke development over sanctions

Reuters News Agency
U.S. carrier leads warships in Japaneese defense war game

Agence France-Presse
Trump nie avoir demandé aux soldats de « tirer » sur les migrants

Agence France-Presse
Obama dénonce une « manoeuvre politique » de Trump

Nouvelles de Franceinfo
Donald Trump détourne « Game of Thrones » - Plus

Agence QMI
« Les Noirs sont trop stupides pour voter pour moi », aurait dit Trump

Le Point
Élections de mi-mandat : les mensonges de Donald Trump

TVA Nouvelles
Donald Trump, « c’est lui qu’on veut voir » en campagne

Le Soleil
Le guide des élections de mi-mandat aux États-Unis

Agence France-Presse
Roger Waters traite Trump et Bolsonaro de « néofascistes »

TVA Nouvelles
L’autonomie des piles de téléphones est de moins en moins grande

Le Parisien
Manœuvres militaires en Norvège : un avion russe vient narguer l’Otan

Nouvelles de France 24
Terrorisme : quand le kamikaze est une femme

Nouvelles de France 24
En Centrafrique, un projet multiconfessionnel réconcilie musulmans et chrétiens

Agence France-Presse
Erdoğan accuse les « plus hauts niveaux » du gouvernement saoudien

Agence France-Presse
Afghanistan : le président Ashraf Ghani va briguer un nouveau mandat

Nouvelles de France 24
En Nouvelle-Calédonie, un référendum aux enjeux historiques - Plus


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