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A 500-Pound Bomb down a 100-Micron Fiber: The Potential to Use Offensive Cyber Operations to Replace Combat Troops
Maj Neil Marshall (2016)
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A Case for Enterprise Architecture in Department of National Defence Strategic Management
Cdr Jason Stewart (2016)
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A Confluence of Concepts towards Professional Airpower Mastery: Contextualizing Talent Management and the CAF Leader Development Model
LCol Justin Armstrong (2016)
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A Cyber Strategy Based on Counterinsurgency Principles
Maj Guy Parisien (2016)
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A Flawed Approach: The Shortfalls of Centre of Gravity Analysis and Why It Is Irrelevant for ISIL
Maj Frank Gould (2016)
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A Force Employment Framework for TAPV
Maj Enno Kerckhoff (2016)
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A Niche Based Force Structure: Smart Capabilities for the Canadian Armed Forces
Maj Kevin Carl Rubner (2016)
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A Proposal To Eliminate Fluoridation across All DND/CAF Water Treatment Plants: Costs/Risks vs. Benefits Analysis
Maj David Burbridge (2016)
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A Question of Leadership: Why PRTs Must Transition between Military and Civilian Leadership in the Field
LCol Rowena Williams (2016)
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