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#HarderThanItLooks: Nigeria's War on Boko Haram
Maj Dan Richel (2017)
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A Marriage of Inconvenience: Russia's Stranglehold on Cyprus
LCdr Jon Nicholson (2017)
Format:   PDF  
A Nation Torn: Afghanistan Crisis and Future Implications
Maj Apurva Agrawal (2017)
Format:   PDF  
A New Geo-Strategic Initiative: Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) Project
Maj Muhammad Shahzad Khurshid (2017)
Format:   PDF  
A United Nations Standing Naval Force: Asset or Unnecessary
LCdr Steven Gillespie (2017)
Format:   PDF  
Adopting a Collaborative Community of Practice Approach in the Canadian Armed Forces to Improve Institutional Knowledge Management
Maj Erik Esselaar (2017)
Format:   PDF  
Airpower Necessity in Hybrid Warfare
LtCol Sultan Alalawi (2017)
Format:   PDF  
Airstrikes in COIN Operations: Fighting the Myths
Maj Joseph Oldford (2017)
Format:   PDF  
Anti-Vehicle Landmine Restrictions: Failure in Arms Control
Maj Daniel Clarke (2017)
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